Check Out These Mermaid Dresses You Will Love!

Every lady wants to be the most attractive and feminine, especially when it comes to an event, whether it be a graduation party, a dinner party or even a wedding. Prepare such events and be sure to have a decent evening dress in your wardrobe.

Mermaid gown has expanded the list of the most stylish dresses of 2018. Many celebs and typical fashionistas choose this beautiful garment to create their stunning and elegant looks. The mermaid style dress turns every woman into a real princess, gives the image of elegance and royal charm!

Let’s take a look at the latest mermaid gown trends in Nigeria!

mermaid style dress

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1. Mermaid gown: the advantages

  • A narrow corset bodice emphasizes the chest and focuses attention on the elegant waistline.
  • The skirt in the form of a mermaid “tail” stirs the imagination of men with exciting curves of hips and slender legs.
  • A mermaid dress with a basque gives the female image softness and romanticism, highlighting the exciting curves of the body and the narrow waist. Literally as if by magic, the silhouettes of girls become incredibly feminine and graceful. In addition, the dress with the Basque perfectly masks some of the flaws and imperfections of the female silhouette.
  • The bridal gown mermaid style will visually stretch the silhouette of the bride and make it taller and slimmer. The newlywed woman will show the standard of femininity and grace.

In such a dress you will defibnitely turn heads!!

mermaid style lace dress

2. Who should wear the mermaid gown?

It is worth mentioning that sexy mermaid dress requires a toned silhouette and perfect forms. Today, the designers offer a huge variety of beautiful stylish outfits for the owners of an “hourglass”, “triangle” and “rectangle” slim figure type.

bridal gown mermaid style

3. Who shouldn’t wear the mermaid dress?

  • You should not wear a mermaid dress if you have the “apple” figure type because it makes the bright accent on the voluminous hips and belly.
  • The owners of the “pear-shaped” figure should use this style with caution: not all dress models will emphasize the feminine forms of such women.
  • If the temptation is great, young ladies with wide hips and narrow shoulders should pay attention to dress types with bulky sleeves, puffs or flashlights, wide, flying sleeves are also perfect.

mermaid prom dresses

4. Mermaid style dress: the great diversity

4.1. Dresses versions

Fashion designers offer a great variety of different modern versions of the mermaid gowns:

  • The main part of the fashion products are sewn in the form of wedges, flounces.
  • The design of the “tail” varies in the form of a train at the back or around the hem like the flamenco dancers have.
  • A bow with the use of decorative elements like rhinestones, stones, sequins, beads, lurex, fur and feathers look especially solemn and expressive.

mermaid wedding gowns

4.2. Length and shape of the sleeves

The mermaid dress models differ in the length and shape of the sleeves:

  • Short sleeves.
  • ¾ sleeves.
  • Long sleeves.
  • Flashlights sleeves.
  • Puffs sleeves.
  • Wings sleeves.

mermaid gown

4.3. The forms of a neckline

The form of the dress neckline can also become the highlight of the dress:

  • Round-shaped neckline.
  • Oval-shaped neckline.
  • Heart-shaped neckline.
  • Rectangular-shaped neckline.
  • Square-shaped neckline.
  • V-shaped neckline.

mermaid style dress

4.4. The forms of a back cut

The designers choose the most diverse forms to create the provocative and seductive back cuts:

  • Rounded back cuts.
  • V-shaped back cuts.
  • Asymmetrical back cuts.
  • Back cuts with weaves.
  • Back cuts that are sewn in the form of a drop.

Mermaid gown

5. Mermaid wedding gowns: the hottest trends

  • Mermaid style wedding dress with long train

Mermaid style wedding dress with long train

  • Wedding dresses mermaid style lace

Wedding dresses mermaid style lace

  • Mermaid style wedding dress with sleeves.

Mermaid style wedding dress with sleeves

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6. Mermaid prom dresses

  • Mermaid style lace dress

mermaid style lace dress

  • White and gold mermaid dress

white and gold mermaid dress

  • Black and white mermaid dress.

black and white mermaid dress

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