Cord Lace Blouse Styles You Will Want to Wear!

Today, Nigerian cord lace blouse styles are popular and loved by many young fashionistas; they are really sure that many other blouse styles can hardly compete them!

Just think about it: the pleasant cord lace fabric always makes you look on top, the great diversity of bright colors allow you to create not only interesting combinations but the perfect mood!

More than that, almost all types of modern accessories go perfectly with the fashionable cord lace styles

Now we will guide you through the latest and best Nigerian cord lace styles!

cord lace styles

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1. Cord lace blouse styles

1.1. Vibrant cord lace blouse with a circle skirt

This is one of the most festive and bright cord lace skirt and blouse styles. The thing is that yellow and green amazingly complete each other, creating a perfect gamma for lovely summer days.

The cord lace blouse paired with a fashionable circle skirt is a winning solution. You can make your look even more attractive by adding bright accessories (try a headscarf of matching colors and you will get a complete stylish look for a big event).

cord lace

1.2. Pink flamingo cord lace Iro & Buba

Get the fashionable cord lace blouse & wrapper of matching colors and wear them together.

The tender flamingo pink color looks feminine, graceful, and gentle. If the lace fabric has many holes in it, wear a shirt with the short sleeves underneath. The watch or the bracelet will complete your fashionable look!

cord lace fabric

1.3. White cord lace blouse & long mermaid skirt

The classic white and blue colors recall the pleasant images: the tender sea waves and the wonderful shine of pearls, making you look like a real ocean treasure!

Complete your look with a fashionable head wrap of neutral shades and try some simple, but elegant accessories. Finish your look with a festive makeup!

nigerian cord lace styles

1.4. Cord lace peplum blouse with a narrow skirt

Today, the peplum style is still trendy, and if you combine it with the skirt that emphasizes the elegance of your figure, you will create an unforgettable look!

Peplum cord lace blouse will hide all the imperfections of your waistline, making you look slimmer. On the contrary, if you are the owner of tiny hips, this blouse visibly makes your hips bigger. So, a lady with any type of figure will definitely benefit from trying this blouse style!

While choosing the right colors, you’ll have to listen to your preferences – and you will be able to create a perfect look!

Add some playfulness and mystery wearing an adorable bow on your belt. Also, try to complement your look with the right accessories like the bright traditional necklace.

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cord lace fashion

1.5. Cord lace blouse with long Ankara skirt

If you are a big fan of colorful patterns, then you will be glad to hear that you can easily combine it with the latest cord lace blouses.

The short cord lace blouse models show your beautiful shoulders; it can be paired with the long patterned skirt that will definitely make a huge impression on everyone!

Choose the colors that you like the most: be creative, make the most captivating and interesting style yourself! Choosing the accessories, opt for a classic wristwatch, minimalistic necklace, and massive earrings!

cord lace skirt and blouse styles

1.6. Cord lace fashion: short-sleeved blouse & long narrow skirt

This style will make you look like a modern tenner Snow White from a fairy tale.

The pulsating dark blue cord lace blouse is the real choice of a princess, and the patterned skirt of a bright color will complete your royal look.

Add a branded glowing clutch and silver accessories – and you are ready to go to a party!

cord lace designs

1.7. Black & white and a bit of red

Black & white combination is a winning classic, but you can make it even better by adding some red shades!

This three-colors look is created for strong ladies who are not afraid to be discussed by the others: the classic snow-white cord lace blouse, paired with the refined black skirt and some red twists (the headscarf, elegant jewelry or a branded red clutch) create an enchanting look.

cord lace price in nigeria

1.8. Cord lace designs: the modern futuristic look

The good news is that the lovely cord lace blouses look great with the ultra-modern geometrical patterns! These designs just seem incompatible: they create something astonishing!

So, if you want to impress the people around you, try wearing fashionable clothes made of different fabrics. You can purchase such a set in any fashion store. Add some charm, by wearing a stylish head wrap in a matching color, complement this elegant image with fashionable minimalistic accessories.

cord lace blouse styles

1.9. Asymmetrical cord lace blouse & peplum top and skirt

Nature itself, and even our bodies are a bit asymmetric. So why not to try modern asymmetric clothes?!

The Ankara suit (modern peplum top & skirt) will become the eye-catching detail of your look, and adding the charming asymmetrical cord lace blouse makes your look even more attractive. This is the right style is for confident, bold ladies!

Add a gentle head wrap of a matching color and a branded watch, then complement your look with a stunning makeup!

cord lace styles

1.10. Various shades of pink

Pink look amazing with the dark skin – so add the modern clothes of different pink shades to your everyday wardrobe!

This tender color can be successfully mixed with silver – so go on with experimenting with the clothes of silver color and some elegant silver accessories. Create a stunning look and you are guaranteed the desired attention from everyone around!

cord lace

2. What to mix cord lace blouse with?

Cord lace blouses look good with the trendy trousers, strict suit or pleated skirt. Cord lace blouses look very chic both in everyday clothing sets as well as in glamorous evening outfits. By the way, the modern cord lace blouses or shirts can successfully complement the office attire: just keep in mind to choose a simple bottom, like classic trousers, even jeans or a midi pencil skirt.

Cord lace blouse of the same color as the jacket is extremely stylish option in this season. Thus, the cord lace blouse will not seem too provocative.

As for the everyday urban wardrobe, choose the modern cord lace blouses of bright colors. Try complex composite tones: olive, mustard, and wine colors. Such blouses look perfect with the casual simple trousers or with the romantic style skirts.

cord lace blouse styles

cord lace blouse styles

cord lace blouse styles

cord lace blouse styles

cord lace blouse styles

cord lace blouse styles

cord lace blouse styles

cord lace blouse styles

cord lace blouse styles

3. How much is cord lace in Nigeria?

The current cord lace price in Nigeria is from N17,000 to N28,000, depending on the quality of the fabric and the region.

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