Floral Dress Styles You Will Love

There are many reasons why the floral print has been popular for centuries and continues to grace the wardrobes of millions of women around the world. Floral dresses are diverse, feminine, fun, flattering, and perfect for any occasion. Check out 20 of our favourite latest floral dress styles!

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1. Poppy floral gown

If you’re looking for the most traditional version of a floral dressing gown, this retro silhouette and a striking print of red poppies against a white background is exactly what you need.

2. Off-shoulder floral dress

The best floral print gowns in 2018 are the ones that combine several of this year’s biggest trends: for example, this blue floral dress also sports the trendy off-shoulder design.

3. Chiffon floral gown

Different floral print chiffon dresses are a standout among all floral gowns: chiffon is such a delicate fabric that it looks even more elegant when paired with a subtle floral print.

Floral dress styles in Nigeria

4. One-shoulder floral dress

An even spicier variation of the classic off-shoulder floral gown is a one-shoulder short dress that you can wear on a Friday night and feel like the city queen!

5. Floral maxi dress

If you’re a girl looking for the perfect mix of a floral gown with sleeves with a sleeveless gown, look no further – this floral gown with an open backline fits all of your needs.

Floral dress styles in Nigeria

6. Mini floral dress

Here is another version of a floral dress with sleeves, this time with a shorter length and eye-catching Ankara detailing on the pocket.

Floral dress styles in Nigeria

7. Ankara floral gown

With floral dresses, short length is a better choice for everyday wear, but a floor-length Ankara floral gown with a flawless silhouette and fringe is an ideal wedding guest outfit.

Floral dress styles in Nigeria

8. Floral Aso Ebi

Looking for the most formal version of a flower dress outfit? A rich Aso Ebi with a floral skirt and several other complex elements is an outfit that won’t let you go unnoticed?

Floral dress styles in Nigeria

9. Floral kimono dress

Combine your love for the floral print dress design with the charming kimono dress in one beautiful floral dress!

Floral dress styles in Nigeria

10. Black floral gown

Black is one of the most effective background colours for a floral design: just look how the floral colours pop on this glamorous black gown with a thigh-high slit!

Floral dress styles in Nigeria

11. Floral dress with pockets

There are many cute simple floral gowns, but a short dress with puffed sleeves and pockets is probably the most comfortable version of the floral gown.

Floral dress styles in Nigeria

12.  Floral blazer

If you need to adjust the colourful floral style to your office wardrobe, consider getting a floral blazer, which looks fantastic with any outfit.

Floral dress styles in Nigeria

13. Sheer floral dress

An adorable and playful sheer dress can be made even more striking simply by adding detailed floral embroidery.

Floral dress styles in Nigeria

14. Floral dress with large print

Delicate floral prints work great, but sometimes you want to make bolder fashion choices. In that situation, a dress with a large floral print can be the best addition to your wardrobe.

Floral dress styles in Nigeria

15. Plain and pattern floral dress

A simple way to make the floral pattern of the skirt stand out is to make the bodice in a plain complementary shade.

Floral dress styles in Nigeria

16. Black and gold floral dress

Golden flowers against a white background are an unconventional choice of a floral gown, but it’s definitely a charming one.

Floral dress styles in Nigeria

17. Midi floral dress

This length of a dress may be rather difficult to pull off, but the velvet blazer adds the needed balance to the look.

Floral dress styles in Nigeria

18. Floral dress with a bow

If you want to surprise everyone with your new floral gown, get a dress that looks perfectly regular in the front but has an unexpected bow detail in the back.

Floral dress styles in Nigeria

19. Colourful floral dress

A floral dress is one of many instances where you don’t need to be afraid to add a pop of colour to your look.

Floral dress styles in Nigeria

20. Brocade floral gown

With just a month left until Christmas, it’s time to design your festive look, and this brocade floral dress with a satin bow is a perfect source of inspiration.

Floral dress styles in Nigeria

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