How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes: 10 Best Ways

Mosquito bites can create many unpleasant moments for everyone, so everyone wants to know how to control mosquitoes.

Edemas, especially around the eyes and lips and permanent itching ruins our lives. At the same time, more and more people start to care about their health, and therefore more and more people are interested in how to get rid of mosquitoes without using mosquito repellent.

Now we’ll tell you about the 10 best natural ways to kill mosquitoes that will protect you from mosquito bites!

natural mosquito repellent

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1. Mosquito nets

You should install mosquito nets on windows, doorways and balcony entrances. This is the most effective and reasonable and just best way to control mosquitoes!

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home remedies for mosquitoes

2. Pyrethrum powder

How to get rid of mosquitoes naturally and fast?

Apply pyrethrum powder, a natural insect repellent (you can buy it at the pharmacy) on strips of paper smeared with starch paste. After drying, hang the strips above the door, around the windows, and in other places, from where mosquitoes can get into the house.

Instead of pyrethrum, you can use finely chopped fresh leaves of bird cherry or basil.

how to kill mosquitoes

3. Essential oils

The clove, lavender, cedar, eucalyptus are the best proven home remedies for mosquitoes. Moisten a piece of cotton wool with oil and put it by the window.

Spray some essential oils on the pillow, blanket – and the mosquitoes will not come close to your bed. If you rub the oil into your skin, the mosquitoes will not be able to approach to you!

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4. Camphor

How to kill mosquitoes naturally, if they already in your house?

“Smoke” them out by warming up a little amount of camphor in the pan. This smoke is harmless to humans, but it definitely makes the mosquitoes fly away!

natural ways to kill mosquitoes

5. Geranium and Lilac

How to get rid of mosquitoes inside the house in a maximally natural and even pleasant way? Put a geranium flower or a bouquet of lilac on the window sill – and mosquitoes will not fly into the apartment.

how to kill mosquitoes naturally

6. Cattail cobs

Dried dark brown cobs of cattail – this is what kills mosquitoes the best!

If the tip is set on fire, it begins to glow, emitting a gray stream of fragrant smoke.

For a man, this smoke is even pleasant, it does not eat the eyes and provides good protection against mosquitoes, and mosquitoes fly away.

how to get rid of mosquitoes inside the house

7. Safe Mosquito Repellers

How to kill mosquitoes without using of smell?

Making the ultrasound, the mosquito repeller gives the insects a signal of danger, and the mosquito destroyer, on the contrary, lures the mosquitoes into a special tank, where they die.

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how to control mosquitoes

8. Citronella Oil Bath

Instead of applying mosquito-repellent creams and sprays to your skin, take a bath with a few drops of citronella oil, which not only repels mosquitoes from you, but also rejuvenates, tightens skin, and also relieves fatigue.

what kills mosquitoes the best

9. Lemon & Clove

You can easily make this natural mosquito repellent: cut a lemon in half and insert a few dried clove carnations into each half. Put these lemons in the bedroom, on the windowsill, nearby the crib and mosquitoes will not bother you at all!

how to get rid of mosquitoes in your room

10. Diffuser

The diffuser is the most efficient way of how to get rid of mosquitoes in your room. The device sprays aroma oils in the air, turning it into microparticles, keeping the suspension in the air for several hours.

We recommend you to use the essential oil of lemongrass, which is an effective mosquito repellent!

best way to control mosquitoes

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