Infinix Hot S3 vs. Huawei Honor 6x

The Huawei Honor 6x and Infinix Hot S3 are two smartphones that have a lot in common: not only do they share a lot of their features, but even the Hot S3 price in Nigeria isn’t that different from the Honor 6x price. Check out the ultimate comparison of two hit models right now!

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1. Design and display

Both the Infinix Hot S3 and Huawei Honor 6x belong to the higher end of smartphones, and you can tell they are on the expensive side of the price range with your first look: both devices come in fully metal bodies with a trendy matte finish.

The Infinix is available in just two colours, black and gold, while the Huawei model comes with 5 colour options: silver, gold, rose gold, blue, and grey. The Infinix Hot S3 has a slightly bigger display, 5.65 inches versus the 5.5-inch display of the Honor 6x. However, the phone from Huawei boasts a larger resolution: 1920x1080p vs. the 1440x720p resolution of the Hot S3.

Both phones come with a fingerprint sensor that is located in the same place: just below the camera on the back panel of the device.

2. Performance

Even the first glance at the Huawei Honor 6x specs reveals that it’s a better-equipped smartphone in terms of performance. It is powered by a 1.7GHz Kirin 655 octa-core processor that is paired to 4GB of RAM. There are 64GB of storage, which can be upgraded to 128GB with a microSD card.

The Hot S3 specs are more modest than the Honor 6x specs. The CPU is a 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 octa-core processor, and there is just 3GB of RAM. There is twice as little of internal storage – only 32GB, which can be also upgraded to 128GB via the microSD slot.

Being a newer device, the Infinix Hot S3 has a more recent version of Android – Android 8.0 with Infinix’s signature XOS 3.0 interface. As you’ll find out in any Honor 6x review, this Huawei flagship phone comes with Android 6.0 on board.

3. Camera and battery

Most Huawei phone reviews rave about the device’s cameras, but in a Huawei Honor 6x review compared to the Infinix Hot S3, the latter actually wins. The Infinix device has a 13MP rear camera with dual LED flash, whereas the Honor 6x only has 12MP and a LED flash.

However, the biggest difference between the camera specs of the two phones lies in the front camera. The Huawei Honor 6x comes with a standard 8MP front camera with no flash, while the Infinix Hot S3 boasts a whopping 20MP front camera, also with dual LED flash.

There are significant differences in the battery department of the two smartphones as well. The Honor 6x comes with a 3340mAh battery, while the Hot S3 is powered by a bigger 4000mAh battery. Neither device supports fast charging.

4. Price

The Infinix Hot S3 and Huawei Honor 6x price is one of the biggest deciding factors for all buyers. The Huawei Honor 6x is available for 65,000, while the Infinix Hot S3 is slightly more affordable and costs about ₦55,000.

5. Conclusion

Both the Infinix Hot S3 and Huawei Honor 6x are two very popular smartphones with decent specs and reasonable price. However, it’s still possible to choose the winner. In our opinion, the outstanding camera specs and more powerful battery make the Hot S3 a better choice for your money.

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