The Short Makeup Brushes Guide

Every lady needs a collection of different makeup brushes in a beauty bag. You don’t need a professional makeup brush set for daily use. Although high-quality tools are quite pricey, they are also long-lasting. It is better to pick brushes with wooden handles, while the bristles can be natural or synthetic.

A brush should be well-staffed, so the bristles don’t fall out. Professional kit contains a large set of brushes, while it is enough to get 8-9 for your home beauty bag. Here’s a brief makeup brushes guide to help you choose the best makeup brushes for a flawless look.

Brush types & their use

  • A large round, fluffy perfectly filled brush is used for applying blush and powder.
  • Beveled flat made of natural lint is used for shadows. The nylon one is good for oily ones.
  • Flat dome-shaped brushes are used to work through small details, for instance, to darken the corners of the eyes.
  • Small round well-stuffed brushes are convenient for applying eyeshadows.
  • A natural brush which a sharp end is used for a liquid eyeliner, a synthetic one – for gel eyeliner.
  • A small flat nylon brush fits for a foundation, highlighter or corrector.
  • A wide fluffy brush on a short leg is perfect for applying mineral makeup.
  • Bilateral brushes are for eyelashes and eyebrows – a stiff side for eyebrows, a mini-comb for trimming eyelashes.

best makeup brushes

Popular brands

The best makeup brush set usually includes tools by different manufacturers. Actually, it is quite predictable that a brand specializing in eyeshadows cannot provide the best foundation brush. If you want to pick an eyeshadow, blushers, foundation brush and more in one place, check out one of the following brands.

  • Zoeva: German manufacturer that produces brushes made of diverse materials (including nylon and goat hair) with wooden handles; they are long-lasting, convenient to use, and each adorned with a sign indicating its purpose.
  • Mac: Canadian brand with its soft and high-quality brushes is on the list of favorites; these brushes serve for a long time and provide the perfect coverage.
  • Sigma: with prices lower than Mac’s, the American brand offers a good alternative; just keep in mind that these brushes should be used neatly as bristles fall out sometimes.
  • Bobbi Brown: the brand focuses on comfortable application and a wide selection of makeup brushes types; this brand doesn’t seem to leave negative impressions, the only concern is light-colored handles – you may notice makeup traces with time.

The essentials: five must-have brushes

best makeup brushes

#1. Powder

Pick a brush made of natural fibers. Synthetic materials are not soft enough for the comfortable application. Choose fluffy brushes – they help to create a natural look, while too dense will lead to faster expense and excess powder on your face.

#2. Foundation

If you apply a thick layer of foundation, go with a spatula makeup tool. It guarantees level application and perfectly smooth skin. If you prefer a natural look and light foundation, choose a brush that consists of 50% natural fibers and 50% synthetic bristles of different length.

#3. Eyeshadows

A flat brush is the most universal one. As a rule, it is synthetic and with beveled edges. This brush allows to cover an eyelid with eyeshadows generously, to shade the eyeliner, etc. This brush can replace an entire kit of eye makeup brushes.

#4. Blush

A perfect brush should allow to underline the jawline and shadow the makeup perfectly. To deal with both tasks, use a brush made of natural fibers, a bit more dense than a powder brush. Make sure it is not too wide; otherwise, all your face will be blushing.

#5. Eyebrows

A perfect brush is the beveled narrow brush, often used for arrows. It is very dense, made of synthetic fibers, with a sharp tip. It allows adjusting eyebrow shape easily, to sharpen the tail and paint the gaps.