10 Everyday Things That Have A Hidden Purpose

Every day we are surrounded by hundreds of objects, but we rarely think about their origins or alternative ways to use them. Here is a top 10 of items you definitely have in your home but have no idea about their hidden purpose!

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1. Heinz ketchup

Everyone knows the iconic glass bottle of Heinz ketchup, but even though we see the number 57 on the bottle every day, only a few of us know its true purpose. Turns out the number 57 on the glass bottle points to the place where you need to tap to get the ketchup out faster!

Everyday things with a hidden purpose

2. F and J keys on the keyboard

If you look at your laptop or desktop keyboard right now, you will see that the F and J keys have small bumps in their lower parts. Those bumps were added to the keyboard to make typing easier for bling people: by placing their fingers on the bumps, they can instantly remember the location of other keys thanks to the muscle memory.

Everyday things with a hidden purpose

3. Wrench and screwdriver

If you are fixing something with a screwdriver and have trouble getting to a location that is hard to reach, simply grab your wrench! Not everyone knows this, but a wrench can be easily attached to a screwdriver to help you get even in the trickiest places that need repair.

Everyday things with a hidden purpose

4. iPhone camera

Later versions of the iPhone have a tiny hole between the camera and the flash. Have you ever wondered what it’s for? It’s actually a microphone that is activated when you use the primary camera to record a video to make the sound quality of your recording higher.

Everyday things with a hidden purpose

5. Rivets on jeans

Every pair of jeans produced in the last decades have small metal rivets placed in certain areas, but do you know why they are there? It turns out that those rivets have a very clear purpose: they are put in the areas that are the fastest one to wear out. These rivets actually increase the lifespan of your jeans!

Everyday things with a hidden purpose

6. Pompoms on hats

Despite being very cute and suitable for wearers of all ages, initially, pompoms on hats were designed without fashion in mind. Pompoms were created for French seamen to prevent them from hitting their heads on the low ceilings of the ships.

Everyday things with a hidden purpose

7. Escalator brushes

Even if you’ve travelled by escalator just once in your life, you likely noticed the small nylon brushes on both sides of the escalator. Contrary to a popular belief, these brushes are not there to clean your shoes – they cause passengers to move from the edges of the escalator and prevent dangerous escalator accidents.

Everyday things with a hidden purpose

8. Petrol gauge

We all know where the petrol gauge is located on the car’s dashboard. But have you ever noticed the tiny petrol symbol below the gauge has its own arrow? This arrow points to the direction in which the petrol cap on your car is situated. This can be very useful when the car is still new or you’re renting it out.

Everyday things with a hidden purpose

9. Hole in the padlock

You likely have plenty of experience using a padlock, but you probably hardly ever wondered about the small hole next to the keyhole. However, this tiny hole has two important purposes. First, it helps the water and debris leak out of the padlock. Second, it allows you to grease the lock from the inside whenever necessary.

Everyday things with a hidden purpose

10. Apple charger

If you own an Apple laptop, take a close look at its charger. See those two little wings you can flip open on both sides of the charger? They are actually used for wrapping the charging cable around the charger, so that it doesn’t get messy and deteriorate before time.

Everyday things with a hidden purpose

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