15 Wedding Gift Ideas The Couple Will Appreciate

Choosing the best wedding gifts for friends is not an easy task, much less to come up with good wedding gift ideas for couple you don’t know so well. While some enjoy having a good time with close people, for others wedding gifts are a crucial part of a perfect celebration.

All gift items for wedding can be roughly divided into three main groups: practical, personal, and experiences. Here are several wedding souvenir ideas and wedding gift ideas from each category to consider or to point towards more suitable and original presents.


Some people prefer a practical approach to everything. If your friends are among those, they will appreciate receiving something useful. You don’t have to surprise them with super-creative ideas. Get something that will be helpful in everyday life or necessary for family living.

best wedding gifts for friends

The selection is limited only to your imagination. As a rule, these gifts don’t have validity term. If there are two similar items, one will be left in a back room, and a couple will use it later. The list of practical gifts includes but is not limited to:  

  • Home appliances or electronics certificate.
  • Subscription to something — a magazine, a food box. books series.
  • Suitcase and luggage tags for those who like traveling.
  • Bath towels and linens.
  • Dinnerware and kitchenware.


There is a completely different kind of couples — they are all about romantics on their special day and probably in the future life together. They don’t care much about material things, or at least practical gifts are not a top priority for them.

best wedding gifts for friends

Such couples await surprises, creative presents, something extraordinary, memorable, with deeper meaning. They put originality before the price. You will need to invest emotions and free time in this present, not money. Maybe you already know what will cause fascination and awe. If not, some of the gifts above may fit.

  • Couple dolls — mini-versions of bride and groom.
  • Acrylic/wooden block picture frames for housing the brightest moments.
  • Family register that stretches back for several generations.
  • Vinyl record player & Marshall speaker for music lovers, maybe with several records.
  • Copper French press and a package of coffee beans straight from Brazil.


There is one more type of couples – active and always up to adventures and new experiences. They don’t need you to bring electronics and towels, they’ll buy everything on their own. They don’t need nice frames for photos, photos will come later. New emotions and impressions first!

best wedding gifts for friends

If your friends love traveling, tasting sessions, art exhibitions, extreme sports, all at once or at least something, find out what they haven’t tried yet and help a little dream come true. Check out these examples, maybe one is just perfect for your friends.

  • Collector alcohol and cheese/snacks selection or tasting event.
  • Ticket to an event or festival.
  • Airbnb gift card for travelers or sleeping bag and tent for adventure lovers.
  • Parachute jump, skydiving, just diving, or other extreme sport.
  • Honeymoon trip for your best and dearest friends.