Bandage Dress Styles You Will Love

The bandage dress has been around since the early 1990s, when it was first introduced by Herve Leger. Since then the bandage bodycon dress has only gotten more popular with celebrities all over the world rocking their own version of the trend. Here are 15 beautiful bandage dress styles!

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1. White bandage dress

A pearly white bandage dress is one of the most recognizable styles of a bandage dress. It looks so festive that it will make a great look for a 2018 Christmas party, so if you haven’t picked an outfit yet, consider this one!

Bandage dress styles you will love

2. Bandage dress with cutouts

A typical bandage midi dress doesn’t show a lot of skin, but if you want to make your bandage gown outfit a bit spicier, look for a dress with strategically placed cutouts – for example, to show off your flawless stomach!

Bandage dress styles you will love

3. One-shoulder bandage dress

This year one-shoulder dresses have become overshadowed by off-shoulder designs. However, nothing is keeping you from single-handedly resurrecting this trend with your new bandage dress!

Bandage dress styles you will love

4. Bandage dress with straps

Various dresses with straps were popularized by the likes of Kim Kardashian, but since she’s also a big fan of bandage designs, we can easily imagine her proudly wearing this beautiful dress.

Bandage dress styles you will love

5. Orange bandage dress

Summer may be almost 6 months away, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t already begin preparing your summer wardrobe. This cheerful orange bandage dress is a great way to start!

Bandage dress styles you will love

6. Strapless bandage dress

There are many ways to upgrade the design of a basic bandage dresses. We particularly love this strapless dress that also has a sequence and some cute white stripes!

Bandage dress styles you will love

7. Patterned bandage dress

Most bandage dresses today have one or two colours, but if you are not prepared to settle for the monochrome style, check out how great a colourful pattern looks in a bandage gown!

Bandage dress styles you will love

8. Crop top bandage outfit

If you already own a couple of classic bandage dresses and now want to add something new with your favourite style, here is something you need to check out – a crop top bandage outfit with straps!

Bandage dress styles you will love

9. Green bandage dress

Here is another great outfit for the upcoming Christmas and New Year parties! The sparkling green fabric and subtle cutouts will turn you into the most stylish guest at any event.

Bandage dress styles you will love

10. Black and white bandage dress

Bandage dress is one of the best options if you want to showcase your beautiful curves, but making your bandage dress from patterned fabric will make your body look even more flawless.

Bandage dress styles you will love

11. Bandage dress with sleeves

Many bandage dresses are too seductive to be worn to office, but if you are determined to wear your bandage gown to work, simply go for a more understated design – for example, a dress with sleeves.

12. Strapless bandage dress

Here is a simple way to turn even the most casual bandage dress into a work-appropriate outfit. All you need to do is throw over a nice blazer and wear the right shoes and accessories.

Bandage dress styles you will love

13. Black bandage dress

A black monochrome bandage dress is always a good idea: black is very flattering for every figure and looks perfectly appropriate for any occasion you can imagine.

Bandage dress styles you will love

14. Bandage dress with a belt

Highlight your perfect waist while decorating your new bandage dress with a thin belt! Plus, the mustard yellow colour of this dress looks perfect with any complexion.

Bandage dress styles you will love

15. See-through bandage dress

A see-through bandage dress is, of course, a risqué choice of an outfit, but if you’re going somewhere you need to be noticed and admired by everyone, it’s one of the best things to wear!

Bandage dress styles you will love

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