Day In The Life Of Agent: Adetoye Deborah

In this new series of content, our top sales agents will be turning the Jiji Blog into their online diary. As such, we learn what a day in the life of a Jiji sales agent feels like; the highs and the lows and all that there is to know.

“Are you happy with your life?”

This was the question that popped up on my TV screen this morning as I prepared for work. The Doctor Phil-wannabe presenter was asking if viewers were happy with their lives as he was about to start his motivational speech.

I thought to myself ‘Am I still Single?’, ‘In this economy, if I saved 1 kobo everyday for one whole year, would I have only saved 1 dollar?’, ‘When last did we have electricity in this house?’. Automatically my answer was in the negative.

As the yellow hue of my Jiji sales uniform caught the corner of my eye, I was forced to reconsider my response. Yes! I am happy with the way my life is turning out. What is not to love with my life? Employed by one of the biggest companies in Nigeria, working flexible hours and an awesome salary package to add to that.

The classic line ‘We may not be where we want to be, but at least we are not where we used to be’, doesn’t even cut it because that would imply I’m not happy with where I am when in truth I actually am.

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The best thing that could happen to anyone in this life is for someone to know himself or herself and I’m am happy that I know myself. I could never survive in the 9-to-5, round the clock office environment. That life has never appealed to me. Ever since my undergraduate days in the University of Abuja, I always knew the 9 to 5 work day wouldn’t be my thing.

A typical work day for me (which is any day of the week I decide it will be) starts before I step out of my house. I plan ahead where I would be visiting, if I will be following up on old clients that day or scouting for new prospects or both. As an Offline Sales Agents, the focus of my job is to convert more and more sellers to premium subscribers on

With being the number one online marketplace in Nigeria, pushing away all competition, convincing sellers that they will make record sales on Jiji is actually soft work.

I love being where the action is and my favourite field of action is the Ikeja computer village. It is the center of everything I love about this job. The hustle and bustle, the opportunities, the size of it, all never grow old on me.

Heading there any day, just like today, pumps an extra dosage of adrenaline in me. I feel like a warrior stepping into the battlefield. Despite the huge crowd you need to navigate through as you walk along the very busy roads of the village, my eyes are always searching for an opportunity.

They are always darting left and right to mentally note which shops I know are not yet on the platform.

Today is not mainly about new leads though. I am following up on my old clients. This might not be everyone’s favourite part of the job as it seems like an extracurricular part of the job to visit clients you’ve already converted.

After all, they’ve already subscribed to the premium services. So why bother spending time with them which could have been used in converting new sellers? I believe I speak on behalf of all Jiji sales agents when I say we care because we usually build up such a cordial relationship with our sellers that it actually does not feel like a job meeting up with them.

Every now and then, sellers run into a bit of trouble with their adverts and with me being the only face they are familiar with from the company, I’m always on their speed dial. The good news is that this almost always guarantees recurring subscriptions from them.

Admittedly, some complaints seem basic and could easily be resolved by the clients themselves. Normal tasks like taking pictures of the products for ads automatically turn to the responsibility of the Offline Sales Agent.

My best sellers are the ones who are always glad I introduced them to They always shower me with testimonials and sometimes it feels like they always want to tell me a better successful sales story than the one they said the last time we met.

It is these sellers that serve as my biggest form of adverts for new sellers, spreading word of mouth referrals among their business community and making my job a whole lot easier. These sellers also sometimes show their appreciation by gifting me items from their shop. I have received phone accessories, handbags, a wristwatch and a rechargeable fan previously.

Just last week, a fellow agent of mine received a brand new laptop from his client as a show of appreciation.

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I head home at the end feeling fulfilled. Bringing solutions to problems is what gives anybody a sense of purpose.

And I get to do that right now on my terms, at my pace, where I want it and with a fat compensation for it at the end of every month. Remembering the TV presenter’s question again, I scream out “Yes! I am happy with my life right now!” I am living the life most people only dream of.


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