Day In The Life Of Agent: Atere Oluwatosin

In this new series of content, our top sales agents will be turning the Jiji Blog into their online diary. As such, we learn what a day in the life of a Jiji sales agent feels like; the highs and the lows and all that there is to know.

Nothing beats waking up from an evening nap to the sound of a credit alert. It seems the more the amount, the louder the phone beep. This one was loud enough to wake me up from my sleep. As expected, it was my monthly salary from I am the type of person who loves to enjoy the rewards of my effort and as such the monthly bank alert from work is something I always look forward to. It usually is a  just reward for a month of hard work.

Speaking about types of people, some people love suits, ties, strict schedules and timetables and monotonous work. Not me. I love being out on the field, meeting and talking with new people and convincing them to buy into what I have to offer. This is one of the number of things I love about my job at, no two days are the same. I am literally being paid to be a social butterfly as opposed to being trapped in an office all day, every day.

I remember the day I came for my interview with for the role of a Field sales agent just like it was yesterday. What had appealed to me the most was the idea of working outdoors. The deal clincher was meeting all the wonderful and interesting personalities who I now call my colleagues. One year later, accepting the job offer seems to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, along with breaking up with my ex but that’s a story for another day. In the space of one year, I have managed to work my way up the ranks to now become a Team Lead and my enthusiasm has not diminished from day one to day today.

My work today actually starts from yesterday. As a Sales Agent, my main responsibility is to sell premium subscription services to sellers and ensure they get their money’s worth. So it basically is a fine balance between getting new clients and satisfying already existing ones. I had planned and decided yesterday which of the two I would be focusing on today. Some days, I decide to mix things up and meet with both new and existing sellers, today is one of those days.

I set out from the house with my fresh Jiji polo top, my Jiji cap and my clear plan of the sellers around Ikeja and Oshodi who I need to see. One of them is Mr. Adekunle who mentioned he was having trouble uploading photos of the products he wants to sell. After which I will proceed to Oshodi-Isolo to meet new prospects who got shops in the new shopping plaza that just launched.

Mr Adekunle ended up taking more time than I had planned. What seemed like a routine explanation of  posting and uploading clear photos of products on Jiji turned into me taking all angle pictures of the 13 different laptops he wanted to put up for sale on, a debate on who to vote for as President in 2019 and an analysis on who will win the English Premier League this season. Not that I have any complaints. However, I prefer when sellers are able to figure out their way around the app themselves and not have to summon me to show them where the camera of their phone is. With the intensity of the sun these days, the less journeys I need to make, the better for me.

Mr. Adekunle had a pleasant surprise for me though. A gift to show his token of appreciation. This is the best gift you could give a Sales Agent –  a referral. He asked me to meet with his “brother” who owned a shop down the road, saying he had given me glowing recommendation. Just like that, I had an enthusiastic new seller who could not wait to get started on a premium plan. I just got even closer to meeting my target for the month.

The new seller was strictly into fashion outfits, which was a surprise choice of business in a location known for Tech gadgets and electronics. The seller explained to me that he had actually been enjoying enough patronage despite its odd location but he wanted to reach even more sellers. He needed people to be aware of his boutique in Computer Village as most people would bet their last kobo that you can’t find a boutique in the village not to talk of finding one with the latest stylish clothes. By putting his products on, he understood that his products have the chance to be viewed by the over 10 million monthly visitors. A client that understood the benefit of selling on without me uttering a word has to be heavenly sent. He was my new favorite person in the world.

We spent the next couple of hours setting up his account, taking and uploading photos and publishing his ads. He ended up choosing the 6 months VIP premium plan that cost N76,000.

I could not make it to Oshodi-Isolo today but that just means I have possibly 10 potential new clients to focus on tomorrow. Some jobs are just easier than others. I get to go home before the usually rush hour and so by the time I have had my bath and eaten by dinners, more Lagosians are still on the road, trapped in traffic. Too bad.


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