Foods To Help Lose Weight

When creating a personal diet plan in order to deal with extra kilos, people start looking for the best fruits for weight loss, vegetables for weight loss, effective foods to help lose weight, etc. We decided to make it easier for you and to share some secrets.

Top-5 products for weight loss


best foods for weight loss

Avocado is the first on the list of the best foods for weight loss. As a rule, fruit are low-calorie foods rich in carbs. Avocado, on the contrary, contains little carbs but has high energy value. It is rich in nutrients and easily digestible, replacing the entire group of products.


This is one of the best foods to eat to lose weight. A pumpkin is rich in carotenoids, which act similarly to antioxidants, protecting the organism from free radicals and slowing down the aging process. High levels of fiber help to get rid of toxins.


Tuna is also among the foods to eat to lose weight. It turns out, tuna contains little fat and is rich in protein and amino acids. Nine cans of tuna for three days with some veggies and fruits for snacks can help you lose a couple of kilos.


Beets contain the record amount of betaine. It oxygenizes fat cells, narrowing it and destroying from the inside. Besides, it boosts metabolic processes and initiates weight loss processes. Moreover, it blocks the formation of fat cells, preventing from gaining weight in the future.


Diet specialists assure: if you want to know how to lose weight fast, just add a grapefruit to your daily menu. You will get rid of two kilograms in two weeks. Grapefruit lowers the level of insulin so it becomes easier to control your appetite and craving for fat food.

Healthy foods pairs

If you are looking for quick weight loss foods, it is important to choose the right combinations of products for meals. It is not a secret that some foods are more useful at the certain time during a day, for they are digested easier. Here are some ideas.

Proteins and greens

Greens are rich in fiber, which stabilizes sugar levels, boosts metabolic processes, and is a source of vitamins A, C, and E. Proteins reduce body fat and develop muscle mass. Greens’ alkaline environment combined with proteins’ acid environment create perfect conditions for weight loss when eaten for dinner.

Greens and carbs

Carbs charge a human organism with energy vital for normal functioning. Potatoes, rice, pasta – these are tasty foods that will help you to feel energetic. Just remember that combining them with proteins will result in excess weight, while getting some greens for lunch ensure the opposite effect.

Coffee and fruits

Coffee has a strong antioxidant effect and it boosts metabolic processes. Combined with fruits, it provides the charge of energy and acts like a fuel for the body, effective and easy disposable. Coffee and fruits for breakfast will make you feel full of energy and will burn calories effectively.

Greens and fats

Don’t even consider refusing fats. They are rich in nutrients that are vital for human organism. You just need to combine them with greens and green vegetables for easier digestion. Besides, this combination is very useful for healthy skin and hair. Get some for lunch or dinner.

Fruits and… more fruits

Different combinations of fruits make the body burn carbs instead of creating fat deposits. Fruit salads and smoothies are a perfect choice for those who want to lose weight.

Don’t eat these!

We finished with does, now it’s time for don’ts. If you plan to get rid of excess kilos, forget about unhealthy eating habits. Although it may be difficult at first, you will get used to live without junk food pretty soon. Here’s the list of products that should be banned:

  • sausages;
  • candies, jam, chocolate (except black chocolate);
  • chips and similar snacks;
  • everything fried (especially deep-fried);
  • margarine-containing foods;
  • wheat-bread and buns;
  • sodas and canned juices;
  • pastry;
  • bacon, fat meat;
  • smoked and pickled products;
  • fat sauces, especially mayonnaise.