Healthy Relationship Tips For Couples

How to build a good relationship is a question that bothers every person even before they meet a love of their lives or just start dating. Every couple is unique, and there is no such thing as universal tips to have a good relationship.

In this article, you will find some simple, sometimes even obvious, but very important healthy relationship tips for couples. Take a couple of minutes to check out a piece of relationship advice by psychologists. Learn from the mistakes of others to avoid your own.


healthy relationship tips for couples

#1. Find time for each other

Turn it into your personal ritual. It shouldn’t necessarily be something special — just dining together, short walks, watching a movie, etc. Joke together, laugh together. Very often, couples start to dedicate too little time to couple things after they date for a long time, and this is a big mistake.

#2. Take care of each other

It is important to demonstrate your love and gratitude. Don’t take everything for granted; show your partner you don’t. Some couples think that after years together too much romance looks like a fake, but that is not true. Start with helping your spouse with everyday duties.

#3. Find compromises

Don’t take any arguments to the point, when someone is a winner, and the other is a loser. It is always possible to stop in between. It doesn’t mean you should ignore issues or turn them into a joke. Just don’t be afraid to speak what’s on your mind.

#4. Mind the personal space

It is okay to let your partner go out with friends and spend some time without you. It is okay to leave some room for hypothetic flirt. Jealousy is not a sign of pure love. On the contrary, it looks more like tyranny.

#5. Remain different

With time, you will undoubtedly borrow some of your partner’s habits, share their interests, and notice personal influences. However, it is important to keep those special things that have brought you together in the first place. Don’t give up music, sports, or other interests just because they seem too personal.


healthy relationship tips for couples

#1. Opposites don’t attract

Opposites attract only when it comes to magnets. If you have absolutely nothing in common, the pleasant appearance and passion are not likely to save the situation. Find out more about each other. Find out what values and viewpoints you share. Make sure your outlooks are not conflicting.

#2. Don’t pander to the arrogant attitude

Don’t put up with a person, who does horrible things to teach you a lesson. This is not what an adequate person does. Occasionally, such behavior is going to turn into real abuse and lead to more serious problems. Don’t build the relationships on the sense of guilt.

#3. Don’t wait for telepathic skills to show up

Some people find it difficult to decode what’s written on your face if you don’t say anything. Being a couple will make it easier to understand each other, but it won’t turn either of you into a mind reader. If you expect something, tell about it.

#4. Don’t compare your relations to books or films

Stop pretending you are Cinderella and Prince Charming living in a fairy-tale with unicorns and rainbows all around. You are not superheroes. Your life is not narrated by a team of professional story writers, and it is amazing! Forget about mass culture plagiarism and create your own “happily ever after.”

#5. Don’t ignore wake-up calls

Probably every couple goes through the period, when both partners try to be the best version of themselves, sometimes exaggerating actual traits. It is okay to worry about the impression you make on a person you like. Nevertheless, if you notice something suspicious or admit something troublesome, don’t ignore it.

Modern relationships: what makes them so difficult?

healthy relationship tips for couples

  • New means of communications. Social networks, messaging, online chats, etc. often cause miscommunication. Virtual communication cannot replace face-to-face communication.
  • Temporizing. According to modern unspoken rules, you need to wait a couple of days before contacting a person is normal. Don’t waste your time waiting.
  • The appearance comes first. It would be wrong to claim that everyone is hung up on a partner’s appearance, but it is still the main factor for many people. Remember that personality is much more than a pretty face.
  • Passion, not love. You may not be the most romantic person in the world, but relations built on lust are not destined to survive for a long time. Don’t twist up love and passion, these are different feelings.
  • A fox’s sleep. Your “playing cool” strategy can be understood as indifference. If you want to take the relationships to the next level, show a partner you are interested in this.
  • Social media syndrome. Both secret flirt and spying are poisonous for relationships.
  • The fear to clarify it all. Some are afraid to speak about their relationships, trying to find a more appropriate candidate. The others are afraid of responsibility. There are also people with fake illusions about open relationships. Just decide what you are looking for and tell it to your partner.
  • Romantic ideas. Modern society praises the idea of romantics more than romantics itself. If you want to add some romance to your relations, be active and do it!
  • Fixation on sex. One-night stands, friends with benefits, and similar things have become too casual. Nevertheless, it is okay to want more than just physical contact. Don’t be afraid to confess in this.
  • New breakup means. Breaking up on the phone, on social networks, or via SMS is not alright. Be brave enough to face your partner. Show some respect even if you are going to part the ways.

healthy relationship tips for couples

Relationship advice for women and for men might differ, but the piece of wisdom below is universal. There is no perfect formula for how to have a good relationship. The best relationship advice differs from couple to couple, from case to case. The main thing is to respect your partner and to treat them the way you want to be treated.