How To Spot An Original Nigerian Jersey From The Fake One!

We bet that Nike Nigeria 2018 World Cup kit jerseys are the most desired thing after 2018 World Cup jerseys, that’s why they were sold out in 5 minutes Nike website. There are many offerings on eBay, but the risk to buy a fake jersey is very big.

The situation gets even worse because even hardcore soccer fans can’t always spot the difference between the original and fake jersey.

Now we will help you to make the things right, so you will know what you are paying for!

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Nike original jersey

1. Main ways to spot the fake Nike Nigeria Kit

There always are some simple indicators that show you the fake product:

  • poor quality manufacturing;
  • the price of original Nigeria Kit can’t be less than $85;

Also, you can compare the tags and elements of the original Nike Nigeria 2018 World Cup kit. Take a close look at the pictures below:

Nike Nigeria 2018 World Cup kit
Nike original jersey
Nike Nigeria 2018 World Cup kit
Nike original jersey

To distinguish the original Nigeria from the fake one, take a look at the collar the stripes, that start from the sleeves should seamlessly continue from them, the white stripe of the flag should be a bit thinner than the green stripes.

Nike original jersey
Nike original jersey

Keep in mind, that even knowing all these nuances, you still can’t be sure that you’re buying an original Nike Nigeria 2018 World Cup kit! So/ you better do not buy it now and wait till the Nike company will restock the jerseys.

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2. Additional nuances to pay attention to

Choosing the Nike Nigeria 2018 World Cup kit jerseys, pay attention to these details:

  • Team badge and brand logo – usually, these elements are different in original and fake jerseys. The replicas have an embroidered logo and badge, but the authentic jerseys have their logos and badges screened or applied onto the fabric. 
  • The cut and fit: authentic jerseys do not pull on like the replicas. The professional soccer players are fitter than their fans, so the original jersey will immediately show you if you have gained a few extra kilograms. So, you better order a jersey one size larger than the one you usually wear.
  • Fabrics: the top brands use various polyester blends for jerseys.  The newest technologies help with the compression bands, moisture wicking, and ventilation areas. The replicas usually have standard fabrics.
  • Tiny elements: the original jersey has some extra embellishments that briefly show the history of the soccer team.  The tab underneath the collar or an inside of the back of it can have an icon or a motto.  The collar, sleeve cuff or waist, can have a component that gives the jersey a more refined look. Sometimes, the color of the official tag is different.

How to spot a fake Nike Nigeria 2018 Kit + Unboxing

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