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Did you know that Linda Ikeji has stayed on the top 10 of Google search for the last 10 years? Now, you are probably wondering: how old is Linda Ikeji? One of the favorite bloggers and media controversies celebrated her 38th birthday on September 19.

She gave birth to a baby boy just a couple of days before her birthday. Now, she doesn’t miss a chance to pose in a photo with her son! Recently, she published a very personal post about the relationships as the response to the social media drama around the matter.

No week passes without Ikeji mentioned in the social media, Nigerian news, or a post in her blog. It seems that no mention of the blogger goes unnoticed – each is actively discussed. What’s the reason and what’s been going on lately? Let’s check out the latest on Linda Ikeji.

Linda Ikeji biography

latest on Linda Ikeji

The ex-model grew up in a Catholic family in Nkwerre, Imo state. She started writing stories at the age of ten. Little did the girl know that the stories about the neighborhood were the first step to becoming the highest-paid blogger in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, she wanted to devote the career to writing news and doing interviews. So after Linda finished secondary school, she decided to get a degree in Mass Communications in the University of Lagos. Things turned out to go a bit different way.

Disappointed in Media Studies, she proceeded with studying for the degree in English Language and several part-time jobs in order to support her family – writer, waitress, and model with the latter one becoming the first job with the serious income.

Linda modeled for several brands, participating in the prestigious fashion shows until she got tired of it and started her own modeling agency. In the mid-2000s, she decided to get back to her true passion – writing. In 2006, she started a blog, but without serious plans, just as a hobby.

latest on Linda Ikeji

In only one year, it turned into a real profession. Linda Ikeji shared her thoughts on different issues every day. She wrote a lot (and still is) about entertainment and celebrities. Years passed, and the blog became the most popular and researchable among all Nigerian websites.

Finally, the number of bloggers reached 50,000 daily, reserving Linda Ikeji a place on Forbes Africa pages. This time, it wasn’t a material prepared by Ikeji – it was the story about her phenomenon and success. It even became the subject of several motivational books.

The blogger became one of TOP-20 Africa’s Most Powerful Women and the desired collaborator for numerous brands eager to place their adverts in the blog. Although the blog was shut down for a couple of days in 2014 due to the controversial issues she addressed, it hasn’t affected Ikeji’s popularity.

Linda Ikeji family

After the woman shared the news on pregnancy, people became curious about Linda Ikeji wedding. The personality of a baby daddy remained a secret for a while. As it turned out, Linda’s partner was Sholaye Jeremi, a successful Nigerian businessman, who usually doesn’t receive too much attention from the media.

latest on Linda Ikeji

Rumors started spreading, particularly, involving Jeremi’s wife and children in England. Ikeji stated that she would never date a married man. She also confirmed that the couple agreed on a traditional wedding. However, it turned out there were too many differences between the two of them and the couple split.

During pregnancy, Linda issued “a warning” to her friends and family claiming that high-earning bloggers look forward to baby showers, too. In a joking manner, she demanded the gifts for baby from the close people. All this time, she called the yet unborn child Baby J.

latest on Linda Ikeji

The name was revealed only after the boy was born: Jayce. Currently, Ikeji manages to keep up with all the chores regarding motherhood and work on the interesting content for her blog readers. She also posts lots of photos with the baby on social media.

latest on Linda Ikeji
latest on Linda Ikeji
latest on Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji house

Linda Ikeji mansion causes as much interest as her blog and relationships. The blogger used to live in a luxurious six-bedroom mansion on the Banana Island, which costs N600,000,000. She bought the place in 2015 but moved out after she got pregnant.

A Tour inside Linda Ikeji’s New Luxury Banana Island, Ikoyi Home, Worth Over ₦850 Million

A Tour inside Linda Ikeji’s New Luxury Banana Island, Ikoyi Home, Over ₦850 Million

Linda Ikeji cars

Besides the luxurious home, Linda Ikeji is a fan of fast cars. The blogger has five now: Toyota Camry, the first and the favorite, Infinity FX 35, Range Rover Sport, Toyota Sequoia, and Honda Civic 2010.

Moreover, during the last six years, Ikeji bought 15 cars for her family members and friends. There is one for her son as well Bentley Mulsanne with N120,000,000 price tag. Years ago, Ikeji couldn’t afford to pay for her own car, and it was collected.

latest on Linda Ikeji
latest on Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji net worth

Nevertheless, there is a thing about Linda Ikeji that doesn’t seem to change regardless of all the twists and turns, dramas and controversies. She remains the most popular blogger in Nigerian, the most searched person in Google, and the owner of the most visited online platform in the country.

So what is Ikeji’s net worth? Some calculations on ads and sponsored posts prices reveal that the estimated net worth of the blog is over N3,000,000,000. Correct, it is more than $10 million per year! Some are shocked, the others just impressed, some might be jealous. But one thing is clear: Linda Ikeji is an inspiring example for all women who struggle with building the career in Nigeria.