Relaxed Hairstyles: 15 Ideas For Every Hair Length

While many ladies proudly wear their Afro curls, some women prefer to get their hair relaxed. Relaxed African hair gives you more opportunities for styling it in a million of different ways. Here are 15 best hairstyles for relaxed hair!

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1. Low ponytail

One of the most popular relaxed hairstyles is a ponytail, which has a number of advantages: it can be created on nearly any hair length, and the availability of various styles makes it easy to rock your ponytail to any occasion.

Relaxed hairstyles in Nigeria

2. Asymmetric bob

Lots of women go for the bob hairstyle when relaxing their hair, but if you’ve already worn a basic bob for a long time or simply want to try something new, you’ll definitely love your own version of this asymmetric bob hairstyle.

Relaxed hairstyles in Nigeria

3. Side ponytail

Another version of the classic ponytail, this time – in a youthful and trendy side ponytail style. This hairstyle is loved by relaxed hair wearers of all ages, so you’ll never go wrong with this look.

Relaxed hairstyles in Nigeria

4. Pigtails

Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair may be challenging for a number of reasons, but if you decide to go from relaxing your hair to wearing it naturally, choosing the right hairstyle won’t be one of them – these adorable pigtails will always work!

Relaxed hairstyles in Nigeria

5. Wavy bob

A slick bob is very popular right now, but it’s certainly not the only style to choose from relaxed hairstyles for medium hair. A wavy bob is a fantastic look on its own, but the wonderful golden hair colour makes it even better.

Relaxed hairstyles in Nigeria

6. Straight pixie cut

The decision to cut of almost all of your hair to rock a pixie cut with straight bangs is undoubtedly a bold one, but you can get even more style points for the striking colourful highlights!

Relaxed hairstyles in Nigeria

7. Side-swept bob

Here is one more way to upgrade the regular bob cut if you’re in a mood for something new – simply add side-swept bangs to your already gorgeous look and try the trendy burgundy colour on your cut!

Relaxed hairstyles in Nigeria

8. Classic pixie cut

A classic pixie cut with a short fringe is one of the most effortless relaxed hairstyles you can ever get – this look hardly requires any styling, which means it’s perfect for the ladies who are always in a hurry.

Relaxed hairstyles in Nigeria

9. Half up, half down

There are dozens of ways to wear the half up, half down look when you have relaxed hair, but these adorable double buns will make everyone envious of your super cute hair.

Relaxed hairstyles in Nigeria

10. Mushroom cut

Mushroom cut is a straightforward, geometric cut that looks so great with all face shapes and appearances. The only possible downside of this hairstyle is that it requires regular trimmings to look sharp and neat.

Relaxed hairstyles in Nigeria

11. Mohawk

If you’re a fan of unconventional style in clothing and makeup and want your relaxed hairstyle to match your aesthetics, we recommend going for the mohawk – it never fails to look amazing!

Relaxed hairstyles in Nigeria

12. Blunt cut

In case you’re a fan of geometric hairstyles but don’t want to go for the ultra-short length, your ideal solution is a blunt cut bob.

Relaxed hairstyles in Nigeria

13. Ombre bob

Settling for the classic bob hairstyle doesn’t mean you can upgrade it using colour. The trendiest hair colours of this season are various pastel shades, like this charming turquoise colour.

Relaxed hairstyles in Nigeria

14. Tousled ends

You can make any hairstyle look even more interesting if you slightly tousle the ends of your hair, but it’s especially effective for medium to long relaxed hair.

Relaxed hairstyles in Nigeria

15. Top bun

A top bun is an incredibly versatile hairstyle – you can wear it when you’re going out, to work, or even when you’re getting ready for a workout or a swim.

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