Second Wedding Dress Ideas

Most women go with a traditional Nigerian wedding dress for their marriage ceremony. However, an after wedding dress is another important part of a modern Nigerian wedding. Check out 15 best ideas for a second dress for wedding reception!

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1. Gold wedding dress

Gold is a very popular colour in Nigerian weddings. Couples often deck the venue in this beautiful shade or ask the guests to feature gold in their outfits. A gold second wedding dress for reception is also a very good idea!

Second wedding dress ideas

2. Peach wedding dress

There are at least two reasons why this dress works so well for a wedding. First, it has that lovely peach colour that Nigerian brides are in love with. Second, the cut of the dress is guaranteed to make you the centre of attention – exactly as it should be at your own wedding!

Second wedding dress ideas

3. Ball wedding dress

If you’ve always dreamed of the fairytale bride look, there is nothing better for you than a ball wedding gown. It’s big, it’s pretty, and it’s perfect for the most important day of your life – the wedding day.

Second wedding dress ideas

4. Simple wedding dress

Currently one of the most popular second wedding dress ideas is a simple white dress. Its biggest benefit is that you can easily wear it again for a different occasion. In order to make your look more memorable, add a striking accessory – for example, a contrasting headpiece.

Second wedding dress ideas

5. Cold shoulder wedding dress

If you’re a girl who likes to keep her finger on the pulse of the latest fashion trends, check out this gown! Not only is the stoned fabric simply gorgeous, but the cold shoulder design makes it also one of the trendiest pieces we’ve seen all year.

Second wedding dress ideas

6. Wedding gown with a train

A train is a classic detail in Nigerian second wedding dresses. A train can be short and barely noticeable or long and flowing, like this one. The only condition is that you love your dress!

Second wedding dress ideas

7. Wedding gown with a mesh train

Another popular version of a Nigerian wedding dress with a train is a mesh train. It looks as beautiful as the regular version of the train, but it’s much more lightweight and easy to carry.

Second wedding dress ideas

8. Mermaid wedding gown

If you want to stick to the classic styles for your wedding reception, a mermaid gown is definitely one of the styles to consider. This dress is modern, flattering, and simply impressive!

Second wedding dress ideas

9. Pink wedding dress

A popular way to add your personal touch to the wedding reception dress while also keeping it fairly traditional is to use an off-white colour instead of white – for example, this delicate pink shade.

Second wedding dress ideas

10. Midi wedding gown

In case you had a white gown for your ceremony and want to try something different for your reception dress, a shorter dress in a striking colour with killer accessories will work perfectly!

Second wedding dress ideas

11. Detachable wedding dress

Want your wedding reception look to be two dresses instead of one? Get a dress with a detachable skirt and impress everyone with your dress change!

Second wedding dress ideas

12. Mini wedding dress

A mini dress for a wedding reception isn’t the most common choice, but that’s only what will make your look more unique if you go for a short wedding dress!

Second wedding dress ideas

13. Wedding dress with straps

Thin straps add a delicate feel to your wedding reception look and keep your gown securely in one place, no matter how much you’ll dance.

Second wedding dress ideas

14. Rose gold wedding dress

Take advantage of one of the most popular colours of the year and wear a wedding reception look that is rose gold from head to toe!

Second wedding dress ideas

15. Stoned wedding dress

Wow everyone with the incredible amount of detailed work that went into decorating this beautiful gown with rhinestones!

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