Ankara Skirt And Blouse Style For Wedding: Married To Fashion!

Are you a wedding guest who is supposed to be wearing Ankara outfit? There are lots of fabulous Ankara skirt and blouse style for a wedding to choose from!

We have selected mind-blowing Ankara skirt and blouse looks of 2019 for you rock proudly at any important occasions!

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1. African skirts and blouses: basic rules

Just follow these basic rules to be irresistible:

  • Radiate holiday mood;
  • Avoid wearing white (let the bride rock it);
  • Leave your favorite pair of jeans for a different occasion.

Ankara skirt and blouse can be your go-to option for your most festive occasion:

  1. Remember to always consider the type of the event you’re going to attend as well as the type of your body. Some styles look great for curvy ladies and do not suit slim girls.
  2. Carefully select your tailor because even the best fabric and the fanciest style would not look good on a badly-made piece of clothing.
  3. Having a nice Ankara skirt and blouse is an absolute win-win since it’s versatile and trendy. Check out these pictures of styles and save on buying magazines!

2. Skirt and blouse for wedding: how to style

Despite the widely-spread stereotype that only a dress should be worn to a wedding, Ankara fashion skirt and blouse is a great option too.

For instance, you can pick a fitted skirt and a floral blouse…

…or pair the bright blouse with chic accessories and fabulous makeup for a really stunning look:

…Ankara skirts make any figure look more slender and graceful so don’t hesitate to wear them to festive events!

3. Ankara styles for weddings: blouse and wrapper

4. Long skirt and blouse for wedding styles

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5. Latest Ankara styles for wedding: combination with lace

Lace is probably the ideal fabric to match an Ankara design since it makes your outfit more festive and feminine. Simply check out how it transforms even the simplest dress – it immediately adds glamour and delicateness to your look!

6. Short skirt and blouse looks

Latest Ankara Skirt and Blouse Styles 2017: Checkout This Beautiful Ankara Collection

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