Bell Sleeve Gowns You Will Love

Nigerian fashion is diverse and fascinating, but sometimes it’s the little things that can take the whole outfit to the next level. Bell sleeves are one of the most popular ways to elevate a dress. Check out 15 best ideas on how to wear bell sleeve dress!

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1. Plain and pattern bell sleeve dress

The bell sleeves are obviously the star of this outfit, but we also love the way Ankara is combined with the plain purple fabric. This kind of contrast allows the Ankara material to shine even brighter in an outfit.

Bell sleeve gowns you will love

2. Blue Ankara bell sleeve gown

The next Ankara bell sleeve dress is actually a very versatile piece. This gown could be easily worn to a wedding or other important occasions, but you also won’t look out of place when rocking this dress to a meeting with your girlfriends or a day out with your family.

Bell sleeve gowns you will love

3. Floral bell sleeve dress

If you already have enough long white dresses in your wardrobe and want to slightly spice up your look, consider going for a midi floral dress with bell sleeves – it’s the must-have of the season!

Bell sleeve gowns you will love

4. Ankara dress with mesh bell sleeves

One of the best ways to make the Ankara in your outfit stand out is to pair it with another contrasting fabric. There are many fabrics you can pair with Ankara, but these mesh bell sleeves make the whole look more eye-catching and feminine.

Bell sleeve gowns you will love

5. Off-shoulder bell sleeve dress

The next bell sleeve dress outfit combines two of the biggest fashion trends of the season: the bell sleeves and the off-shoulder cut. Add that to the glamorous Ankara fabric and you’ll definitely want to add this gown to your list of new outfit ideas.

Bell sleeve gowns you will love

6. Mini bell sleeve gown

If you have a party to attend soon and want to make sure everyone’s eyes are on you, a mini dress with bell sleeves is one of the best things you can wear. Sure, this tight-fitting dress design is be rather revealing, but it’s also a great way to show off your curves.

Bell sleeve gowns you will love

7. A-line bell sleeve dress

If you want your new bell hand dress to be the most comfortable thing you’ve ever worn, an A-line is your best option. It looks super trendy and is very forgiving to the little imperfections of your figure.

Bell sleeve gowns you will love

8. Double bell sleeve gown

It turns out that bell-sleeved gowns also make fantastic Aso Ebi outfits! If you want your new Aso Ebi look to stand out, make sure to add at least one unusual detail to it – these double bell sleeves work great for this purpose.

Bell sleeve gowns you will love

9. Off-shoulder bell sleeve dress

Bell sleeves are a fabulous choice for a formal wardrobe, but they are also a great addition to a casual dress. The three-tiered bell sleeves of this trendy gown make the whole look unique and unforgettable.

Bell sleeve gowns you will love

10. Casual bell sleeve dress

Bell sleeves are often seen in formal outfits, but there are many ways to incorporate them into everyday wear. This casual dress with bell sleeves can be worn anywhere, including work!

Bell sleeve gowns you will love

11. Cold shoulder bell sleeve gown

Here is another way to combine your love for bell sleeves with your formal wardrobe. Any Aso Ebi outfit can be improved with an addition of bell sleeves!

Bell sleeve gowns you will love

12. Bell sleeve Aso Ebi

Most of the bell sleeves on our list are long, but short bell sleeves have also been very popular this year. Here is how they can make your new Aso Ebi gown truly stand out!

Bell sleeve gowns you will love

13. Black and white bell sleeve dress

If you’re slightly tired of all the bright colours in your wardrobe, maybe it’s time for some monochrome chic! This black and white dress is gorgeous on its own, but bell sleeves take it to another level of fashion.

Bell sleeve gowns you will love

14. Ruffled bell sleeve dress

In case you are looking for the most unusual version of the bell sleeve trend, check out these white ruffled bell sleeves! In fact, they would be a great addition to nearly any dress.

Bell sleeve gowns you will love

15. Pink dress with bell sleeves

The lovely pink colour, the charming sparkle, the beautiful bell sleeves, and the gorgeous fascinator – what’s not to love about this look?

Bell sleeve gowns you will love

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