Foods That Lower Blood Sugar: The Top 7

Diabetes is a very serious condition that affects more and more Nigerians. Diabetes poses a big threat to your overall health. Luckily, there are foods that help lower blood sugar naturally. Find out what to eat to lower blood sugar!

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1. Fruits

While fruits are naturally high in fructose, which is a natural sugar that potentially can negatively affect your blood sugar levels, they are also incredibly rich in water and fiber.

By eating whole fruits, especially apples and grapes, you supply your body with the necessary water and fiber to balance out the high sugar levels. However, you shouldn’t drink fruit juice, as it increases the chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

Foods that lower blood sugar

2. Low-calorie drinks

One of the first things you should know when learning how to control sugar naturally is that a high water intake is essential for maintaining a healthy level of sugar in your blood.

The best way to supply your body with water is, of course, drinking plain water. However, the list of drinks that are good for you doesn’t stop there! Hot and cold unsweetened tea or water infused with lemons or cucumbers not only quench your thirst, but also help your body fend off diabetes.

Foods that lower blood sugar

3. Hot peppers

Diet-friendly meals can often taste rather bland, but there is an easy way to add tons of flavour to your food while also enjoying the health benefits. One of the best foods to eat to lower blood sugar is hot pepper!

Seasoning your food with chilli, scotch bonnet, or other hot peppers not only spices up your everyday meals, but also helps you maintain a healthy blood sugar level, boost metabolism, and reduce blood pressure.

Foods that lower blood sugar

4. Oatmeal

Oatmeal makes a fantastic breakfast for many reasons: it’s tasty, it’s filling, and it can be prepared in dozens of different ways, which means you can never get bored with it.

Not only is oatmeal one of the foods that lower blood sugar thanks to having a low GI score, but it also contains B-glucans. They gradually reduce blood fats, improve insulin sensitivity, and are overall very good for type 2 diabetes patients.

Foods that lower blood sugar

5. Vegetables

The diet to lower blood sugar levels should be heavily based on vegetables. However, not all vegetables are equally good for you if you suffer from diabetes.

Tomatoes, squash, avocado, eggplants, onions, and garlic are all good choices of vegetables for maintaining the level of sugar in blood. At the same time, you need to minimize the presence of potatoes in your diet.

Foods that lower blood sugar

6. Fish and lean meat

So what foods lower blood sugar even better than vegetables and fruits? The secret is the carbohydrates: foods that don’t contain carbs have no GI score, which means they can be consumed regularly for a positive effect on blood sugar levels.

Out of all types of fish and meat that can be eaten to neutralize the effect of diabetes, doctors recommend cold-water fish like cod, catfish, and carp, as well as lean types of meat like chicken breast, beef, and turkey.

Foods that lower blood sugar

7. Nuts

Nuts make a delicious snack, and they are also a powerful tool against increasing blood sugar levels. Include several tablespoons of any nuts in your diet to enjoy your favourite snack while also helping your body!

Foods that lower blood sugar

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