Health Benefits Of Drinking Bitter Leaf Water

Benefits of drinking bitter leaf water have been widely known in Africa for ages, but it will be very interesting to hear about some modern researches.

There are many questions that people are interested in, like «is it better to consume bitter leaf juice or add the leaves of this plant into food», “is it safe to consume it on a regular basis». But the most important question is «what does bitter leaves water do to our body»?

Let’s explore the amazing health benefits of drinking bitter leaf water since it really improve health, makes you tougher and happier!

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bitter leaf water benefits

1. 18 bitter leaf water benefits

Here you can find out every health benefit of bitter leaf water:

  1. Containing a great amount of B-carotene that positively affects the female hormones, this health product helps women to stay young;
  2. The bitter leaf water improves your appetite;
  3. The water helps you to effectively treat Ringworm and other types of skin infections;
  4. The herb helps lactating mothers to produce milk;
  5. The bitter leaf water effectively cures cough;
  6. The natural remedy treats itching and rashes;
  7. One of the most important uses of bitter leaf water is purifying the organism: the herbal juice detoxifies the entire body;
  8. The herbal water helps you during the treatment of Hepatitis B;
  9. The natural remedy helps to tones up the liver and the kidney;
  10. The bitter leaf water helps you to feel relief from fatigue;
  11. The health product shows a great effectiveness in curing parasitic intestinal infections;
  12. The remedy reduces toothache.
  13. The herb is a great natural laxative and anthelmintic remedy;
  14. The bitter leaf water supports your immune system;
  15. The remedy effectively treats the memory loss;
  16. The herb cures Insomnia;
  17. The bitter leaf water effectively cures ache and indigestion;  
  18. The herb is extremely effective against Malaria.
benefits of drinking bitter leaf water

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2. Benefits of bitter leaf water for your skin

If you love your skin and want it to be healthy, look shiny and perfect, you should start using bitter leaf herb on everyday basis.

All the vitamins, minerals and other useful elements, that are found in raw plant leaves are excellent for the health of your skin. They fight free radicals, slowing down the ageing effect and making your skin look younger.

Start taking one glass of bitter leaf juice once a day and you will get a wonderful solution to many skin issues!

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health benefit of bitter leaf water

#HNNHEALTH How the Bitterleaf cleanses your skin

I use the African Bitterleaf to cleanse my skin daily before a shower. It opens the pores, clears rashes and stops skin itching. The Yorubas call it Ewuro.

3. Bitter leaf water and weight loss

The key way to successful weight loss is organizing right vitamin-rich diet. And the bitter leaf juice has a general positive effect on your organism, normalizing the cholesterol level, detoxifying your body and speeding up the metabolism.

Start adding bitter leaf juice to your everyday food. You do not need the exhausting hunger diets or any other extreme ways to lose weight.

The herb contains useful fatty acids, that help your organism to perform its functions. When you take a diet, you forget about that and eat only fat-free dishes that disrupt normal processes in your body.

After completing their job, these acids quickly remove from your body, but your organs will be really grateful for the powerful charge of antioxidants!

Drink This juice Before Going to Bed to Help Weight Lose

Don’t you like to reduce your body weight so easily and so quickly. No one will say no to that kind of an opportunity as they do not need to waste hours of time at the gym and to have hard diets everyday.

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