How To Cut And Sew Igbo Padded Blouse

The strive to wearing original clothes inspires more women to learn how to cut and sew Nigerian blouses. Of course, you can order something online or visit a good sewist. However, it might be hard to find something you really like or too long to wait your turn.

Meanwhile, you can find cute fabric and get familiar with a blouse cutting step by step method. It is very engaging occupation and certainly not as complicated as it may sound. Here is our guide to how to cut and sew Igbo padded blouse.

Things you need

The good thing about sewing on your own is that you are free to choose the fabric of any color and with any pattern. That’s something you cannot fully control when shopping. Don’t worry about the rest of materials – you don’t need any special things to create a fashionable outfit.

  • Tape measure for taking your measures.
  • Paper, pencil, and ruler for writing them down and making a pattern drawing.
  • Fabric with a pattern you like to turn into a blouse.
  • A piece of chalk to transfer the sewing pattern.
  • Scissors, sharp enough to cut the fabric neatly.
  • Thread that match to fabric.
  • Sewing machine to put it all together (you’ve probably got one already).

Taking measurements

No need to worry if you don’t know how to make blouse measurement. Let’s try to figure this out. To create this particular piece, you need to prepare two drafts – for the front and the back part. Sketch the design on a sheet of paper before cutting out the pieces.

blouse cutting step by step method

You will need to take the following measures:

  1. Shoulder.
  2. Shoulder to bust.
  3. Bust span and height.
  4. Underbust.
  5. Waist span.
  6. Waist to hip.
  7. Hip.

You can find out how exactly to measure every part on the image below. If you discover more details are needed, trust your gut and measure other parts. Some doubts are okay when you are experimenting with how to cut and sew blouse, so double-check everything if it seems reasonable.  


Front part:

  1. Take the fabric and fold it in half. The front pattern should be inside.
  2. Place a sewing pattern on and outline it with a chalk leaving extra 3 cm outside it for seams and stitching.
  3. Cut the detail and put it aside for a while.
blouse cutting step by step method

Back part:

  1. Repeat the same actions for the back part.
  2. Then cut the detail into two pieces along the folded line.
blouse cutting step by step method

The princess seam:

  1. Measure 10 cm from the folded area and mark it.
  2. Draw a line that joins these marks with bust and arm hole.
  3. Repeat the same for the other half on the fabric.
  4. Take the scissors and cut through these lines to get three separate pieces. l


  1. Sew all seams together leaving 1-1.5 cm from the edge.
  2. Sew the details together. Place them facing right sides and tart from the middle, it will be the most convenient way. Gradually join all the sides that should be joined.
  3. Sew the padding to the intersection point for support and better look.

That’s how to cut and sew Igbo blouse. Even if some things sound unclear, you’ll deal with them easily on practice. If you are of those who believes а picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a video tutorial about how to measure cut and sew a blouse. Enjoy!

How to cut padded shoulder blouse/top/Igbo blouse

In this video this will be teaching you how to cut a shoulder blouse/igbo blouse . Here is a link to my six pieces blouse: Here is a link to my last video: Hope you enjoy the video!!!!