How To Download YouTube Videos

YouTube is currently the biggest provider of media content, both video, and audio. One of the key reasons for such success is an opportunity to use it free of charge. The ads can be annoying sometimes, but music videos and updates from the favorite bloggers are certainly worth it.

Many users are preoccupied with a question “How can I download from YouTube?” YouTube has introduced several subscription options for some countries, including premium package without advertising, and YouTube music, which is similar to familiar music services, just with a wider selection.

If you are curious about how to download from YouTube, there is some good news: there are some software solutions for different devices and operating system. We’ll help you to learn how to download movies from YouTube, songs, and videos, and how to keep the favorite media content handy.

Online services

how to download YouTube videos

If you are looking for the simplest, the fastest, and the most common way of how to download YouTube videos, use this browser extension. You can find and install it via Chrome browser or just do it on YouTube directly. For this:

  1. Find and open a video you want to download from YouTube.
  2. Type “ss” in the address row before “youtube.”
  3. Press Enter. You will be redirected to the page.
  4. Choose a preferred format and click to start the download.


This is the analog of the previous service. Type “vd” instead of “ss,” and in a couple of seconds, you’ll find yourself on a similar web page. Again, choose the quality and start the download. Everything is pretty simple. Moreover, you can type “magic” and discover

Other websites

If for some reason you don’t like any of the suggested above websites, you are free to pick an alternative, there are a bunch of those. The most popular are:


Browser extensions

  • Save is available as the extension for Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Chromium.
  • FastestTube works with all popular browsers as well.
  • vGet Extension works with Google Chrome, although Google usually doesn’t allow publishing suchlike tools.
  • ClickToPlugin for Safari is actually an energy-efficient extension with some side effects: click on “save as…” and get it on your laptop.

Desktop apps

4K Video Downloader

This app is available for Windows and Mac. It is an advanced alternative for the traditional browser extensions. It allows downloading playlists, entire channels, subtitles, and built-in videos from any pages. Moreover, users can save videos in high quality (1080 and 4K) and even in 3D.


Also available for Windows and Mac, this is a real finding for the fans of all-in-one format. The app features YouTube search, link recognition, download manager, and advanced customization. However, it doesn’t work with playlists.

Softorino YT Converter

Last but not least, there is an app with a simple interface for Mac users. Just a few clicks and your favorite videos are stored on a laptop. Moreover, it allows choosing the quality and download audio tracks only.

Smartphone apps

how to download YouTube videos


If you tried to figure out how to download videos straight on your phone, you have probably noticed that there’s no any app for that on Google Play. The reason is simple: YouTube belongs to Google, and such kind of downloads is prohibited by user agreement.

Nevertheless, there is a couple of apps that can handle this task. To find one, visit other websites and find apk files for installation. Just be careful to check out a website before downloading an app, it can be dangerous. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • SnapTube
  • Watch Later
  • YouTube Downloader
  • TubeMate
  • YTD
  • WonTube


  • Workflow – allows saving videos from YouTube by using the “Share” button.
  • + Dropbox: get a link via “ss,” copy it, and save to Dropbox via “Share” button.
  • Documents 5 – a file manager with an inbuilt browser that allows accessing any online service for downloading from YouTube.

The variety of media content on YouTube keeps increasing probably every hour. It cannot leave a user indifferent! Some of the videos are so good you want to keep them in your pocket all the time and play for friends on every occasion.

Now you know that there are some simple ways to do it. However, be responsible when it comes storing and sharing the content downloaded from YouTube. Don’t forget that it is someone’s intellectual property and hard work. It should be appreciated as much as its entertaining value.