How To Lip Contour: Some Tips For Looking Great

If your lips don’t look the way you wish them to, a good lip contouring tutorial can save the situation. Almost always a lipstick chosen correctly and a couple of spare minutes can handle the situation better than any surgery.

Some opt for permanent makeup that can last for a couple of years. It will probably save you from daily routine but can possibly leave with the lips you don’t like either. Besides, it is quite painful. So let’s figure out how to contour your lips without any interference.

The perfect contour

There is no universal solution how to lip contour to make you look perfect. It always depends on the shape of the lips. If your lips are symmetrical, it will be easier. If not, don’t get upset – it will take just a couple of more minutes and a pencil.

How to get smaller lips

Although this is a rear search request, some girls want to make their lips look smaller. For this, cover them with the foundation. This is how you hide the natural line and prepare the base for further makeup. Then draw a contour a half millimeter behind it (inside).

Contouring lips to look bigger

And this is a much more frequent case. Many girls would like to have bigger lips, so they made up a few tricks how to contour lips to look bigger. Depending on which you choose, you will need a particular shade of pencil, lipstick or lip gloss, powder and foundation.

how to contour lips to look bigger

#1. How to contour with pencil. Cover the centre of your lips with a shimmer or white pencil. Then cover them with transparent lip gloss for natural look.

#2. How to contour with lipstick. Use your ordinary lipstick to paint your lips. Then underline the contour with concealer. This simple trick will make your smile expressive and lips will look bigger.

#3. Add some shadows. Cover your lips with balm, then pat dry with a napkin to get rid of glossy effect. Paint your lips. Take a pencil and start to draw the contour starting from the corner. Draw it 1 mm outside the natural line in the middle. Shade the lips with a pencil.

How to fake a lip job!

How To Lip Contour Hi my loves! Lip contouring is something I have been doing for years so I wanted to show you one of my FAVORITE ways to contour your lips, for fuller looking lips! This is a really easy tutorial and it really does make your lips look bigger, these tricks are my go-to everyday!

Some helpful tips

  • Remember that pencil color should not contrast with the lipstick color. It is the sign of the bad taste in makeup and a real trouble for making your lips expressive.
  • To make the makeup last longer, paint your lips, cover them with some powder, and then add one more layer of lipstick. Even the cheapest one will last for the entire day!