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How To Make Printed Customized T-Shirts

How to make print t-shirts

Custom t-shirt printing is not only a fun way to make your personal style stand out, but also a potential business idea. Find out how to print t shirts from designing the idea of your future t-shirt to printing it out!

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1. Choose your t-shirt design

There is an endless variety of things you can print on your t-shirt. Whether you want to wear a t-shirt with a photo of yourself or your family, promote your brand with a logo t-shirt, or commemorate your love for a musician or sports team, there are virtually no limitations when it comes to choosing a t-shirt print design.

When you’re only learning how to make t shirt designs, a very important parameter to remember is colour combination. Generally, you need to aim for a contrast between the t-shirt colour and the print colour. Darker prints look better on pastel t-shirts and vice versa. However, you can still use a pastel print on a light t-shirt – just make sure to add a darker outline to the image.

How to make print t-shirts

2. Create a digital image

While there are some ideas on how to make t shirts manually, the most popular way to make a customized t-shirt is by using a digital image. You can either make an image from scratch digitally or scan an image you created by hand on paper and then digitally edit it.

When digitally editing your image, consider the placement of the image on the t-shirt. You can also add some dimension to your image by playing with light and shade.

Your t-shirt design can contain only an image, only text, or a combination of both. There are plenty of interesting fonts you can find online for free and use in your t-shirt design. Simple and straightforward fonts work better for a corporate t-shirt design, while ornate and elaborate fonts are a great choice for music, pop culture, and sports-themed designs.

How to make print t-shirts

3. Print your customized t-shirt

Now that you know how to design a shirt, let’s find out how to bring your design to life. The easiest way to transfer an image to a t-shirt is to iron it on. The biggest benefit of this method, besides its affordability, is the ability to easily scale your printing volume.

To use this method, you will need a regular printer and transfer paper. Simply print out the desired image onto transfer paper. Trim the print if necessary.

Next, you need to heat up your clothing iron and iron the t-shirt to get rid of any wrinkles. Now peel the backing off the transfer paper and place it whenever you want on the t-shirt. Cover the image with a thin cloth and iron in circular motions with your iron.

When you have finally transferred the image, remove the paper and the cloth and allow the transfer to cool completely. Now your new customized t-shirt is done and you know how to make a shirt from scratch!

How to make print t-shirts

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