How To Take The Perfect Selfie And Get Million Likes!

Are you wondering, how to take a good selfie? Yes, it may seem so easy to do that and you are taking selfies several times a day, but… just a few of these shots deserve to be displayed on your account page! 

There are many little tips on how to take a selfie to look sexier on the photo, there are easy ways on how to take the perfect selfie to get beautiful light flares on your eyes, how to pose for pictures, how to evoke emotion in your selfies and so on.   

So here are your best 10 tips on how do you take good selfies and several crucial videos for you to follow to get hundreds of likes in no time!

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how to use selfie stick

1. How to take a selfie, tip #1: find the proper lighting

Not everyone has the opportunity to get a professional artificial light for a photoshoot. Then, you should consider taking  a selfie in a bright daylight!

If you take a selfie at home, go to the window and stand up to face it. Direct the device’s camera away from the light source. It is better not to use a flash in the afternoon: your face will look pale and white, or even completely lighted-up.

how to take a selfie

2. How to take a good selfie, tip #2: choose an interesting background

The main thing is to ensure that there is no mess behind your back!

If you are taking selfies at home, a beautiful blanket can serve as an excellent background. But it is better to go out on the street and take a picture in front of the trees or an interesting building – any photo looks more interesting and becomes alive with the world around you!

how to pose for selfies

3. How to take the perfect selfie, tip #3: create the perfect makeup for selfies

Your usual makeup may look more dim and faded on the photo.

Create a spectacular “smoky eyes”, using the high-quality eye shadow of different shades, apply a high-quality highlighter to give the face freshness and radiance. On a selfie, this makeup will emphasize the attractiveness of your face and make it a little brighter.

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how to take a good selfie

4. How to take selfies like a model, tip #4: always make a lot of shoots

All beginners should know that more is better! Take as many photos as you can, even from a single angle!

how to take the perfect selfie

5. How do you take good selfies, tip #5: add some bright details

A hat, or some trendy & catchy earrings or juicy lipstick help to create the cool image and attract attention to the photo.

selfie pose ideas for girls

6. How to pose for selfies, tip #6: choose the right angle

Do not shoot in full face – try to experiment: turn your face 30–45° to the side – so the object on photo will look more voluminous, and the chin line will not merge with the neck.

The angle you should choose depends your appearance. Take a picture with the right, and then with your left hand, then compare the result.

You can take a selfie by lifting the camera above you — such an angle visually enlarges the eyes, and the chin seems thinner.

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how to take full body selfies

7. How to take a selfie, tip #7: getting rid of the double chin

Try stretching your neck or tilting your head back. You can take a close-up of your face so that the top of your head and chin are «cut off».

In extreme cases, try covering the problem area with your hand or a scarf.

how to take selfies like a model

8. How to take a good selfie, tip #8: look around

Pay attention to the background: there may be branches of a tree behind you, which will turn into horns sticking out of your crown on the photo!

Try to keep in mind these nuances when taking a group selfie in order not to spoil the photo by accident.

how to take a mirror selfie

9. How do you take good selfies, tip #9: tilt your head

The correct tilt of your head will help to emphasize the beauty and elegance of your face. It is enough to slightly tilt your head to the side and your face will instantly change!

In this position, the cheekbones look clearer, the face contours become more graceful, and the eyes become large and expressive.

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how do you take good selfies

10. How to take a selfie, tip #10: mimics diversifies your selfies!

Be sure to try different facial expressions: they catch the attention and diversify your photos.

Even a smile can be different! Try to catch yourself during strong emotions – this is the coolest type of photo!

how to use selfie stick

11. How to take the perfect selfie: top video tips

How to take selfies like a model

Karlie Kloss and the World’s Sexiest Models Show You How to Take a Selfie | W Magazine

Karlie Kloss and the world’s sexiest models, including Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Doutzen Kroes, Jourdan Dunn, Joan Smalls, and more, show us their best poses and explain how to take the perfect selfie. Still haven’t subscribed to W on YouTube?

Selfie pose ideas for girls

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12 Cute Selfie Poses for Girls… Hi frnds, find out many selfie pose for girls….. their various types of selfie…here is some idea and pose….for… selfie…..hope u liked it…..Thank You. For More Selfie Pose Video…Please Subscribe My Channel. Haven’t uploaded any unique selfie on your Instagram or other social networking sites for so long?

How to take a mirror selfie


Hey everyone! So today I’m showing you how I pose for instagram and how I look taller in my photos & selfies! I’m only 4’11 so these tips are great to know if you’re petite too! I hope you find this video somewhat helpful!

How to take full body selfies

How to use selfie stick right?

How to Use Selfie Stick for Android & IPhone

How to Use Selfie Stick for Android & IPhone. I got this selfie stick from Amazon India – Today we will learn how to use selfie stick with wire (without Bluetooth and batteries). This selfie stick is made by company Mystical Matser ( and is available on

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