+100 Latest Ankara Styles (2019 Сatalog): Pick Your New Favourites

It seems like only recently we reviewed the latest Ankara styles 2017, but now we can admire some brand new Ankara fashion. Want to know which Ankara styles will be in vogue this year? Check out these trendy styles made with Ankara and transform your own wardrobe!

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1. Ankara long gowns

As always, the latest Ankara long gown styles are the most popular variety of unique Ankara styles. If you’re ready to get chic in Ankara gowns, here are a few styles you’re guaranteed to love!

In case you are looking for simple Ankara styles that you can wear every day, consider one of the trending Ankara gowns with a loose fit – they are both comfortable and beautiful!

simple Ankara styles

One of the trends in the latest Ankara styles is that even a small amount of Ankara fabric can take Nigerian Ankara dresses to the next level, just like in this latest Ankara gown.

Ankara styles

Right now there are plenty of Ankara gown styles in Nigeria that a great choice for a special occasion. These female Ankara styles can be worn to weddings and other important events.

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female Ankara styles

If you want to use your newest Ankara gown for ladies to show off your beautiful figure, go for one of the latest Ankara dresses with a precise fit. These Ankara dress styles photograph especially well!

Ankara dress styles

Not every Ankara styles gown needs to have wild patterns and colour combinations – even Ankara collection styles made with a simple pattern can be made more interesting with an unusual construction of the dress.

2. Ankara short gowns

The latest Ankara short gown is a welcome addition to any girl’s wardrobe: many of the latest Ankara gown styles 2017 are short and they look fantastic on every occasion!

One of the most unusual Ankara short dress styles that we’ve seen lately is a short dress with cape sleeves. Just imagine how these trendy styles made with Ankara will suit you!

Ankara short dress styles

If you look at the Nigerian Ankara styles catalogue of short dresses, you can’t help but notice that this year many of them feature fringe, which looks especially great with Ankara fabric styles.

Plus-size Ankara styles for ladies are also going strong: this year curvy fashionistas can choose from hundreds of the latest Ankara styles in vogue.

latest Ankara styles in vogue

Sometimes simple and straightforward latest Nigerian fashion styles are as effective as the most intricately designed Ankara gowns, and this adorable dress is the best proof!

Pairing modern Ankara styles with other fabrics is a surefire way to make the latest Ankara gown styles for ladies look even more striking and memorable.

3. Ankara skirt and blouse

In addition to the different styles of Ankara gown, this year you can also rock a variety of Ankara skirt and blouse combinations!

Be the first one to adopt the newest Ankara styles 2017 for ladies by rocking a crop blouse and maxi skirt combo in your favourite Ankara pattern.

No matter how much the latest Ankara style in town may change, peplum remains an indispensable part of Nigeria Ankara fashion.

Another cute example of Nigerian fashion styles featuring fringe is this gorgeous pairing, which also includes the fashionable red and green colour combination of Ankara fashion styles.

There are many different Ankara styles in 2018, but the off-shoulder design remains a timeless classic. Pair it with the peplum and the slit and you’re ready to rock the latest Nigerian Ankara styles!

A smart way to recreate trendy Ankara styles is to go all-in on the blouse while keeping the skirt rather understated. In this case you can easily wear your new Nigerian Ankara styles to office!

4. Ankara Aso Ebi styles

Beautiful ankara styles and Aso Ebi remain the mainstays of Nigerian fashion, which is why it’s not surprising to see lots of Aso Ebi and Ankara styles for girl.

Going to a fashionable wedding? Then substitute the usual latest Ankara long gown styles with a gorgeous Ankara Aso Ebi, complete with a matching gele!

Blue, red and white are one of the favourite colour combinations for Ankara gown styles in Nigeria, and the mesh sleeves make this Aso Ebi even more glamorous.

A common trend for the latest Ankara gown styles is letting the pattern be the star of the whole outfit. You can try various Ankara designs, but let the pattern do the talking.

The lovely sky blue colour is seen in many latest Ankara designs, which is hardly shocking – it’s complementary to any skin tone and looks good even in the most unique Ankara dresses.

Many of the new Ankara styles feature complex and sophisticated patterns, but this sea green and gold combination with pearl detailing impressed us the most.

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