Nigerian Chiffon Styles 2019: New And Best Trends

Chiffon fabric is one of the oldest ones in today’s Nigerian fashion. Chiffon dates back to XVIII century France where it could be afforded only by the wealthiest French ladies. Luckily, today chiffon can be worn by anyone.

Unlike many other traditional fabrics, chiffon is very lightweight gentle to your skin. Check out the newest and most popular styles for chiffon materials right now!

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1. Chiffon blouse

In case you’re only starting to explore the variety of chiffon styles in Nigeria and want to get a chiffon piece that is both fashionable and versatile, there is no other choice than a chiffon blouse – an item you can see on Nigerian fashionistas of all ages.

The biggest advantage of a chiffon blouse over other Nigerian chiffon styles is that it can be successfully combined with nearly any item of clothing imaginable. Whether you want to wear your new chiffon blouse with jeans, pencil or flared skirt, or any other bottom – you will look chic and modern.

Chiffon blouse also works remarkably well with all kinds of other popular Nigerian fabrics. Ankara and lace are probably the best fabrics to wear with chiffon, but you can also experiment with your look by trying some of the other common fabrics.

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Nigerian chiffon styles

chiffon styles in Nigeria

2. Short chiffon dress

A fun and playful variation on the traditional Nigerian chiffon gown styles is a short chiffon dress. Its length can vary from a mini skirt to a skirt that hits you mid-calf. Shorter chiffon gowns are beloved by Nigerian ladies for their casual vibe and youthful feel.

Thanks to the endless range of fabric and shapes, it’s pretty easy to pick a short chiffon dress for any occasion. These dresses have recently become very popular with brides who want to style their bridesmaids in a modern version of the classic bridesmaid dress.

Depending on the occasion and the style of Nigerian chiffon gowns you prefer, you can find flare dresses, shift dresses, bodycon dresses, wrap dresses, and nearly every kind of popular dress you can imagine, which is why you can be sure to find your ideal style.

Short chiffon dress

Nigerian chiffon gown styles

Nigerian chiffon gowns

3. Long chiffon dress

Finally, the most foolproof way to rock the incredibly trendy chiffon style is a maxi dress. The floor-length latest chiffon styles look impeccably chic and elegant, which makes them an ideal option for a special event like a wedding or a dinner at a nice restaurant.

You can also add a relaxed vibe to your summer casual look by getting a beach-style chiffon dress – despite being long and flowing, this dress will look great with flats and will become your perfect beach outfit for the summer of 2017.

A maxi chiffon dress calls for the boldest accessories possible. A metallic or fun-colored clutch, platform sandals or bright ballet flats, a statement bracelet or necklace, oversized earrings and eye-catching makeup are the best ways to accessorize a chiffon gown.

Long chiffon dress

latest chiffon styles

chiffon styles in nigeria

styles for chiffon materials

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