Peplum Styles: Tops, Dresses And Jackets

Peplum style dresses and tops have been among the most popular and best-selling items of women’s clothing for years now and it’s not surprising at all since peplum looks fantastic on any occasion, body type, and style. Check out the latest Ankara peplum top, dress, and jacket styles and upgrade your wardrobe with new cute pieces!

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1. Ankara peplum tops

Thanks to the endless variety of Ankara peplum top styles, you can effortlessly find African print peplum tops to wear to the office, wedding, or while running errands. With the help of peplum tops, Ankara can now fit every figure and occasion.

You’re likely used to seeing the combination of an Ankara peplum blouse with a plain skirt, but the reverse pairing can be even more interesting – for example, like one of the peplum top styles with an Ankara skirt. Peplum top and skirt is a foolproof combo!

A peplum top and skirt may be the classic Ankara peplum pairing, but if you prefer jeans to skirts in your casual style, then you can pair an Ankara peplum top with skinny jeans to a great success!

In case you are looking for office-friendly Ankara peplum styles, here is an outfit you should definitely consider! The plain black skirt brings out the best in the vibrant peplum tops in Nigeria.

Many ladies prefer peplum tops with sleeves – they can be a great alternative to Ankara peplum tops with lace on chilly evenings, especially when paired with black skinny trousers.

If you’re feeling especially playful when choosing peplum tops made with Ankara, why not go for the spicy open neckline? It may be not one of the traditional peplum tops, but it’s stunning nonetheless!

2. Ankara peplum gown styles

The latest peplum tops may be a great way to rock a few cute peplum styles, but wearing one of the Ankara peplum dress designs will make an even stronger impression on anyone you meet!

Out of hundreds of lace peplum styles available today, peplum gown styles made with lace remain among the most popular ones – like this dreamy sky blue lace peplum dress with a slit.

If you already own a couple of traditional Ankara peplum dress designs and are in a mood to try something new, check out this unique gold lace dress with a highly unusual cut.

After all, a peplum traditional dress is the safest choice for an important event like a wedding. We especially love the deep teal color of this peplum long dress, as well as the exquisite jewelry.

How about a bit of summer chic for your new peplum dress pattern? This dress is cute and breezy, but, most importantly, it may be the most adorable latest Ankara peplum style we’ve seen.

Combining many striking features in one dress may be risky, but often this risk pays off – like it did in this gorgeous example of peplum lace styles, where Ankara meets lace and peplum in the most fashionable way.

3. Ankara peplum jacket styles

Now that you own a beautiful peplum dress and a couple of peplum tops, you’re probably wondering whether there are other latest peplum styles you can try, and this is where a peplum jacket comes to the rescue.

If your office’s dress code doesn’t allow you to rock Ankara peplum gowns but you still want to look trendy at work, go for this Ankara peplum jacket in a fun pink and green color palette.

The biggest fashion trend of spring 2018 is going to be the pastel variety of colors, which is why getting a pastel Ankara peplum jacket and celebrating spring in style is such a good idea!

Even world famous celebrities are not immune to the charms of an Ankara peplum jacket! Check out Beyonce proudly wearing a perfectly fitting peplum jacket with an African print.

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