Big Brother Naija 2019 Auditions: What You Missed

Big Brother Naija is Nigeria’s number one reality show. BBN winners have been known to become huge celebrities and land lucrative contracts with brands. That is why it’s not surprising that thousands of Nigerian hopefuls attended the auditions in early February. Here is everything you’ve missed from the auditions!

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1. 8 cities, thousands of contestants

Without a doubt, the Big Brother Naija audition has been the first major claim to fame of 2019. The auditions took place on February 1 and 2 and visited a record-breaking 8 cities, including Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Benin.

Unsurprisingly, the Lagos audition became the most visited yet with over 5,000 of contestants arriving to the Edmark D’Podium events center to try their luck in becoming one of the few lucky BBN 2019 players.

The contestants knew they would face hard competition and tried every possible way to succeed. Many Big Brother Naija hopefuls actually arrived to the venue the night before the audition to try and be among the first ones to introduce themselves to the crew.

Big Brother Naija 2019 auditions

2. Incredible fashion

With thousands of auditioners competing for a few spots on Big Brother Naija, the potential contestants realize they need to impress the casting officials as quickly as possible. It’s no surprise that fashion works great for this purpose.

If you visited the casting venues on February 1 and 2, you would have seen the most creative, beautiful, and memorable looks the contest has ever seen. From a modern take on traditional Nigerian fashion to unique hairstyles and headwear – there were so many amazing looks that it’s impossible to list them all!

Big Brother Naija 2019 auditions
Big Brother Naija 2019 auditions

3. Security issues

The high profile of the BBN audition event and the chance to win a monetary prize and fame throughout Nigeria made some of the contestants behave in a less-than-proper manner.

Despite the additional security measures taken by the Big Brother Naija organizers for the first day of Lagos auditions, there were occasional issues. They included the crowd’s unwillingness to form queues, difficulty for the organizers to tag the contestants, as well as the contestants being rude and loud.

Luckily, thanks to the efforts of a private security firm, the order was soon restored. Moreover, on the second day of the auditions, there were considerably fewer security issues and they were more easily manageable.

Big Brother Naija 2019 auditions

4. BBN proposal

The Big Brother Naija 2019 auditions became a chance to not only showcase the bright personalities and personal talents of the contestants, but also to enjoy the most romantic moment of their lives.

We are talking about a couple of BBN contestants, Thompson Alade and Jessica Arowolo. After deciding to propose to his girlfriend Jessica, Thompson delighted not only his significant other, but also dozens of fellow hopefuls around them.

5. Celebrity contestants

Big Brother Naija has gotten so big that now even Nigerian celebrities compete for a chance to shine. This year’s audition saw not one, but four beloved Nollywood actors competing for a spot at BBN 2019:

  • Olumide Oworu from the popular sitcom “Johnsons”
  • Emem Efe, a rising star of the Nigerian film industry
  • Joseph Jaiyeoba, a beloved Yoruba actor
  • Joshua Richard from the hit movie “Birthmark”
Big Brother Naija 2019 auditions

Now we’ll only have to wait until Big Brother Naija 2019 premiers to see who made the cut and who will be crowned the winner!

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