Romantic Dishes For The Holiday: Top 7 Hot Recipes!

We all like to eat out in some fancy places, but we all know that nothing compares with the fabulous romantic dinner at home! 

Preparing a Valentine’s dinner at home, you have to carefully select the meals you will cook. Most often, you need some easy to prepare, but yummy recipes.

We have got top 7 recipes for your romantic dinner, that meet all your requirements and will become a beautiful and tasty prelude to your further entertainment!

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Valentine's day recipes

1. Shrimp tomato peppersoup

Shrimp tomato pepper-soup is one of the top recipes to try on Valentine’s day.

If you can’t find shrimps in your supermarket, you can use any type of protein, but just be cautious to boil it separately because the cooking time may vary.

So, this yummy soup can be an excellent starter to your romantic dinner. Also, shrimps are known for their perfect aphrodisiac features, so we really hope that both of you will have a wonderful time together!

Valentine's day best dishes

Tomato-Basil Shrimp Soup Recipe |

A creamy tomato and basil shrimp soup recipe that is extra delicious when served up with some crusty bread. Super nutritious with crisp chopped celery and carrots, shallots and sweet red pepper and chopped tomatoes, fresh shrimp and basil. A creamy and savory bisque that doesn’t take all day to make.

2. Beef Fried Rice

Sometimes people call this traditional Chinese meal «a dish of leftovers».

It’s a fast stir fry meal, that suits for both lunch and dinner with your relatives or bellowed one. So if you are ready to experiment with the original Chinese cuisine, take some chopsticks and have an interesting experience together!

valentine's day meals

HOW TO MAKE BEEF FRIED RICE – Authentic Chinese Style – Quick & Easy Recipe

Showing you how to make authentic Chinese Style Beef Fried Rice. This is a delicious, quick & easy recipe you can use to make your own Beef Fried Rice at home. You will love this fried rice! : ) Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to be the first to receive my latest recipes.

3. Spaghetti with meat balls in a creamy sauce

Do you remember the story called «The lady and the tramp»? Then you may remember how they had a romantic dinner and enjoyed their pasta and meatballs together!

If you want to create something different, you can color it pinkish-red, for example. Have a wonderful dinner together!

best valentine's day dishes

Pasta with Meatballs in White Sauce

Pasta with Meatballs in White Sauce | Classico Creamy Alfredo Pasta Sauce with Meatballs | Quick and Easy Pasta Recipe | Fettuccine Pasta with Meatballs Recipe | Creamy Pasta Recipe Ingredients List: 1 lb. Cooked Meatballs – 1 lb. Fettuccine Pasta – 2= Jar 15 oz.

4. Chicken Curry Sauce Recipe

If you like it spicy, and if you do not mind trying Indian food, them you should definitely try this yummy dish with thinly sliced chicken breast and an appetizing curry sauce!

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romantic dinner recipes

Chicken Curry Sauce Recipe: How to Prepare Chicken Curry Sauce

Chicken Curry Sauce Recipe: How to Prepare Chicken Curry Sauce Chicken curry sauce is one of those rich and delicious sauces made with chicken and broth, it is super tasty and it goes well with anything staple.

5. Milo chocolate cake

Not a single dinner goes without a chocolate cake! If you are looking for something special for your Valentine’s day evening, try Milo chocolate cake – and you won’t regret a thing!

romantic dinner ideas

6. Wine Glazed Steak

If there’s a bottle of good wine, then somebody’s having a good time tonight!

The Wine Glazed Steak dish will give you the amazing experience up a notch, with some delicious additional sweetness that comes when you cook your perfect steak in wine & honey. It is just amazing choice for a wonderful romantic time together!

valentine's day recipes

Filet Mignon with Creamy Red Wine Sauce | Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen

Temperatures are up, the sun is out, and that means the grilling season is well and truly here! Everyone knows the king of all BBQ meats is the steak, but have you ever tried to cook the grandest of all steaks: the filet mignon?

7. Efo Riro

This is the best option if you are looking for something yummy, spicy and very nutritional.

For someone, Efo Riro is always a wonderful choice!

valentine's romantic dinner ideas

How to Make Nigerian Efo Riro – Nigerian Vegetable Soup

Nigerian Vegetable Soup For Full Recipe Notes with Instructions, visit 11/2 pounds blanched spinach Blended Peppers – 3 large red bell peppers, 2 scotch bonnet and 1 onion 1/4 Cup Palm Oil 2 Tbsp blended crayfish 2 Tablespoon locust bean About 2 handfuls of shredded stock Fish 1 handful of dried Prawn 1 medium size Onion- diced 1 seasoning Cube Meat of choice -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Latest Video: “Spiced Roast Chicken” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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