Ross Barkley Parents & Biography

Nigeria has given the world hundreds of elite athletes, even if some of them have never played for this country. Ross Barkley is known for having Nigerian roots, but he rarely talks about his parents and upbringing. Let’s take a closer look at Ross Barkley’s biography right now!

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1. Parents

Even though Ross Barkley has never been part of the Nigerian football scene, the acclaimed English footballer is actually 1/2 Nigerian! Ross was born on December 5, 1993 in Liverpool, England.

Ross Barkley’s parents are Diane Barkley and Peter Effanga. Despite the fact that many football players are born into rich families, Barkely actually had humble beginnings. His mother, Diane, was a homemaker, and his father, Peter, was an automotive engineer.

Ross Barkley is the only child in his family. Fans have always wondered why their favourite player adopted his mother’s last name, Barkley, instead of his father’s name, Effanga. The reason for that is the strained relationship between Ross and Peter that stemmed from his early years.

Ross Barkley parents

2. Football career

While it’s clear that there have been some conflicts between Ross Barkley and his father, it’s worth mentioning that it was Peter Effanga who encouraged the boy to take his first steps in football.

As a first-generation immigrant, Peter understood that a footballer is one of the most profitable careers a young man can have. That is by the time he was 11, Ross joined his first club, Everton.

Through the Everton youth system, Ross Barkley quickly became one of the most promising players. He was both exceptionally talented and more physically developed than his peers, which allowed him to easily score victories for his club.

Once Ross turned 18, he signed a long-term contract with Everton, which he played for from 2011 to 2018. In 2012 and 2013 respectively, Ross Barkley also played for Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds United on a loan.

In early 2018, Barkley turned a new page of his football career with a decision to sign to the Chelsea football club. His multi-million five-and-a-half-year contract is still in its early stages, but Ross has already managed to score a number of important goals for his team.

Ross Barkley parents

3. Personal life

A lot of attention is always paid to the personal life of acclaimed football players. Their wives and girlfriends, known popularly as WAGs, are known for their love of the luxury lifestyle and expensive purchases.

Barkley’s fans are always surprised to find out that Ross has been with his current girlfriend for more than 5 years. Her name is Zoe Riozzi and she is a couple of years younger than her athlete boyfriend.

Zoe is not a big fan of the luscious life of a football WAG. She drives a modest car, works as a nursery school teacher, and wears casual clothes. However, Ross and Zoe are known to occasionally take a vacation, which means they enjoy at least some of the benefits of a successful football career.

Ross Barkley parents

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