Samsung Announces The Galaxy Fold

10 years after releasing the first Galaxy smartphone, Samsung unveiled a device that is expected to revolutionize the mobile phone market. The new foldable phone is now known as the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Find out everything about the new device right now!

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1. The event

To make the announcement more noticeable, Samsung organized a Galaxy Unpacked event in Los Angeles. The guests of the event and online spectators have been making guesses about the nature of the announcement, although many have rightly suspected that Samsung was getting ready to unveil its first foldable device.

The rumours of an Android foldable smartphone began circulating in late 2018, when Google announced it was working with an undisclosed brand to create the world’s first Android folding phone.

At the event, the Samsung spokesperson didn’t undermine the company’s achievement. The new phone, which received the name Samsung Galaxy Fold, is expected to combine the best features of a smartphone, tablet, and camera.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

2. Samsung Galaxy Fold specs

The Galaxy Fold is, without a doubt, a groundbreaking device both for Samsung and the mobile phone market in general. But what exactly does it have in store for the buyers? Let’s take a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy Fold specs.

1. Design and display

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is the model’s strongest feature. When folded, it’s a 4.6-inch phone with slim bezels and no notch at the top. When unfolded, you get a 7.3-inch display, which is only 0.6 inches smaller than the iPad Mini. The phone was clearly designed for multitasking.

With this foldable display, you get the versatility that has not been seen in the mobile phone market for a very long time. The mechanisms responsible for folding and unfolding the device are designed from scratch to sustain thousands of cycles.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is clearly a premium device, which is emphasized by the metal bezels around the display and the luxurious design. The smartphone will be available in four colours: Cosmos Black, Space Silver, Astro Blue, and Martian Green.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

2. Performance

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is simply breathtaking, but its performance specs don’t disappoint either. The phone is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm 7nm 64-bit processor that is paired with 12GB of RAM, which, together, will give you more than satisfying performance.

There are 512GB of built-in storage. The Galaxy Fold runs the latest version of Android, the Android Pie. The fingerprint sensor for unlocking the device is located on the side of the phone and there are stereo AKG speakers for impeccable audio quality.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

3. Camera and battery

Samsung phones rarely let buyers down with their camera specs, but the cameras of the new Galaxy Fold managed to surpass all expectation. Instead of the standard 2-3 cameras, here you will get 6! There is a triple rare camera, which consists of a 16MP and two 12MP cameras, a 10MP selfie camera on the fold, and a dual front camera with 10MP and 8MP.

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is equally impressive. In fact, there are two batteries, each located in a separate part of the device. Together, these batteries have 4,380mAh. They support both wired and wireless charging, and the Galaxy Fold can charge a second device while it’s also being charged.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

3. Samsung Galaxy Fold price

Given the Fold’s amazing specifications, it was clear that it’s not going to be a budget device. However, few of the fans were prepared for the actual price of the smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is going to cost $1,980 and will become available in select countries on May 3rd.

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