Valentine’s Day Do It Yourself Gifts: Top 5 Ideas

With just a little over a week left until the most romantic holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day, you need to start thinking about ways to surprise your significant other. Buying a gift is easy, but you can make a much better impression with a DIY Valentine’s Day present. Here are 5 gift ideas anyone can make!

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1. Card

What’s more romantic than hearts and flowers? Now you can use both in your cute and easy DIY Valentine’s Day card! To create this special card, you will need two colours of thick paper, one white card, a pair of scissors, and some glue or double-sided tape.

First cut out about 8 identical hearts from the two sheets of coloured paper. Then arrange your hearts in a circular shape so that the result resembles a flower. If you are happy with their position, simply glue each flower to the card one by one.

You can leave the card as it is or add a message on the front of the card for your special someone. You can also try other colours if you don’t want to stick to the traditional reds and pinks!

Valentine's Day DIY

2. Bath bombs

If your significant other loves long baths or you are preparing a special evening for the two of you, these adorable bath bombs will definitely hit the right spot!

One of the best things about these bath bombs is that they can be easily adjusted to your partner’s taste. Since they contain essential oils, you can easily add the essential oils your spouse like and remove any they don’t like. Plus, you can play with colours and decorations, which can be very fun!

DIY Lush Bath Bomb: TISTY TOSTY + Demo!

Time for another DIY LUSH!! Here’s another DIY Lush bath bomb! It’s called the Tisty Tosty. This DIY bath bomb is perfect for Valentines Day. It is infused with so many romantic smelling essential oils. Ive customized mine to look and smell to my own preference and you can do the same !

3. Pom pom bouquet

Who needs real flowers that will die in a few days when you can have an equally beautiful bouquet that will last nearly forever? With the help of yarn pom poms, you can create not just an ordinary gift, but a very lasting memory.

Fir this wonderful gift idea, you will need several different colours of yarn. We recommend using the colours that are often seen in floral arrangements: various shades of pink, red, white, yellow, and orange.

The most difficult part of this tutorial is learning how to make a pom pom from yarn, but once you successfully create your first one, you will instantly get the hang of it and will effortlessly do the rest of the pom poms!

Valentine's Day DIY

4. Jewelry set

Giving a diamond ring or equally expensive jewelry for Valentine’s Day is nice, but if you want your gift to stand out without spending a fortune on it, these DIY heart-shaped earrings and pendant necklace are exactly what you need.

This tutorial is so easy that even a complete novice will have no problem creating their first ever DIY jewelry set. As always, you can use any colour of the beads you like, but red beads are the most popular choice for Valentine’s Day.

5 mins craft. How to make jewelry for Valentine’s Day. DIY GIFT

Uploaded by beading tutorials on 2019-01-25.

5. Cupcakes

Valentine’s Day is all about the sweets, but if you’ve given your significant other chocolates for the past few years or simply want to try something new, consider making a batch of love-themed cupcakes.

With these cupcakes, the flavour matters less than the decoration. That is why you can stick with the recipe you are already familiar with: for example, make chocolate cupcakes with vanilla-flavoured buttercream.

AS for the decorations, you can let your imagination run wild with this task. From heart-shaped sprinkles and chocolate swirls to edible glitter and fresh strawberries – here are some ideas for the most beautiful and delicious Valentine’s Day cupcakes.

Valentine's Day DIY
Valentine's Day DIY
Valentine's Day DIY
Valentine's Day DIY
Valentine's Day DIY

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