7 Natural Wonders Of Nigeria

While everyone is talking about 7 Natural Wonders of the World let’s turn our attention to the 7 Natural Wonders of Nigeria. Believe me, there is indeed much of interesting to visit and to see.

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#7 Mambilla Plateau

The Mambilla plateau is located in the highland region of Taraba State of Nigeria. The Chappal Waddi mountain which is the highest point of Nigeria with its 2,419 meters, is situated on the territory of plateau. The landscape is undulating here and what is a pleasure for its visitors is that there are no insects. You can find here some of the rare species of animals and birds that are housed in Gashaka-Gumti National Park within the landscape of Mambilla Plateau.


#6 The Sukur Kingdom

This is truly a breathtaking unspoilt landscape that has won its place in the list of 7 wonders of Nigeria and was added to the UNESCO World Heritage in 1999 mostly because of its magnificent scenery. Here you can find a rare wildlife, rich variety of birdlife, fascinating botany and majestic location atop one of the highest plains on the Mandara Mountains in north-east Nigeria. It is set 1,000 meters above sea level and is virtually unknown beyond its immediate area and serves as a fitting tribute to a strong spiritual and cultural tradition that has endured for so long.


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#5 Ikogosi Warm And Cold Springs

Located in the western part of Ekiti State, this geological paradox is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon. The warm and cold springs which flow right next to each other originate from the same rock formation. At one point they mingle for a bit, separate, and then retain their temperature. The local folklore says these two springs were once the wives of a hunter. One of them was hot-tempered and the other one was quiet. But one day the wives had a fight between each other and were turned into the springs themselves.


#4 Gashaka-Gumti National Park

Covering around 6,600 square kilometers this is the largest national park in the whole Nigeria. The park is located in a mountainous area of northeast Nigeria and shares its border with Cameroon. Altitudes in the park range from 450 metres to 2400 metres. The Gangirwal area, which can be translated as “mountain of death” is the tallest mountain in Nigeria. To cross the entire area of the national park including Gangirwal takes approximately 7-10 days.


#3 Obudu Mountain

Raising for 1600 meters above sea level and a peak most of the time surrounded by low-lying clouds the Obudu Mountain possesses one of the most wonderful views.  It has become a popular tourist destination recently and a place where you can escape from all your routine troubles. The longest cable car system in Nigeria is located here so it takes a while to get to the top. You can also use a canopy walk to enjoy more of the sightseeing.


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#2 Owu Falls

Of course it is not as majestic as Victoria Falls but still having 300 feet of height it the highest waterfall in Nigeria and West Africa. There is a legend telling that the waterfall used to serve as home to a giant snake that terrorized local inhabitants until 1940. Whether that legend is true or not, visitors don’t have to worry about it anymore. If you got interested and want to visit this place, it is better to visit during rainy season though be prepared the road there is going to be a bit rough.


#1 Confluence of River Niger and Benue

River Niger and River Benue are the two largest rivers in West Africa. The two great Rivers meet at Lokoja and are forming a Y-shaped structure and flow into the Atlantic. River Benue has greenish color while River Niger has a brownish color. Ferry and boat services and other cruising facilities are available within the view of the confluence to enable tourists to explore this spectacular wonder. The array of settlements around the confluence which they sprout from have probably made aerial approach to nature’s wonder more enrapturing. A view of this confluence from aircraft or choppers is a sheer bliss.


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