8 Stylish Outfits To Wear On Vacation

Summer is quite hot time, when you don’t want to wear a lot of clothes…

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t look gorgeous wearing, for instance, only 3 items.

Here we offer you ready outfits, so all you need is to find similar clothes and follow our advice!

Be creative with JiJi!


1. A little black dress with… sneakers!

A great drawback of going on vacation is that you can’t take all your clothes with you! That’s why you have to choose very optimal variations. Some new tendencies offer us to mix classic style with sportive one. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity for you to have an experiment. To be fashionable you need to be brave! Also you need to have enough courage if you purchase clothes online 😉


2. A little white dress with sandals

A white dress is a great way to avoid the heat of the sun. Moreover, we advise you to have a dress made of light materials – it looks much more elegant and attractive. Sandals are good for hot weather, because they give way for air.



3. A swimsuit with sarung

Even if you’re visiting a place where there is no bay, you should definitely take a swimsuit with you! Because with the help of sarung it can be transform into beautiful outfit! By the way, your clothes don’t need to be expensive to look gorgeous. How to transform cheap clothes into masterpieces? Read here!


4. A separate swimsuit with an interesting skirt

This outfit can’t be worn on the street, but if you plan to go on the seaside, take a chance to look eye-catching with the help of such combination. Bra-tops always look wonderful, and a skirt will help you to look attractive, but not vulgar.


5. A maxi-dress with simple sandals

The huge advantage of maxi-dress is that it’s suitable for everybody. Moreover, if you are short, with the help of such dress you will look much taller! Wear it with the sandals we have mentioned before, and look fabulous! Don’t forget about hairstyle: it’s one more detail to make you look (and feel!) perfect!


6. A pair of shorts and a top

This classic outfit can look stylish and fresh if it’s augmented by some bright accessories. But be careful: if you don’t feel enough confidence to wear shorts, you can always replace it with a long skirt.


7. A dress shirt with shoes by Birkenstock

A dress shirt is a perfect outfit, because it doesn’t require a lot of clothes items. Birkenstock is a German company producing distinguishable summer shoes. But in case you don’t have ones, don’t get upset – you can simply use sandals instead!



8. The culottes with a bra-top

Culottes is a kind of knee-long shorts which may look like a skirt. Culottes always look playful because people can’t totally understand whether this clothing is a skirt or shorts. So you can play even more, if you just put on a bra-top. The benefits: it will be better for you to stand the hot weather, and you can stay stylish!



With the help of JiJi team you don’t even have to think what to put on!