Baby Shower Tips, Ideas, And Decorations

Baby shower is a trend that came to us from overseas, but Nigerian ladies were quick to adopt it as their own way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby. Find out how to plan a baby shower that will make everyone happy!

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1. Location and time

Planning a baby shower means making lots of decisions, and the first two ones are where and when to hold the baby shower.

While most baby showers take place before the birth of the baby, some women chose to celebrate it after the baby is born. When the gender and size of the baby is already known, it’s much easier for the guests to buy the right presents.

On the other hand, holding the shower before the birth of the baby will help the mum-to-be gather everything she needs before the baby arrives. Plus, mums of newborns are normally very tired and occupied with other things, while pregnant women are more relaxed and able to enjoy the festivities.

Many of the baby shower ideas depend on where the shower will take place. The most popular location is the woman’s own home, but office, restaurant, and outdoor celebrations are also very popular.

Baby shower ideas

2. Baby shower themes and decorations

There are hundreds of baby shower party ideas to choose from, and the choice of baby shower decorations and themes largely depends on who you are expecting: a boy, a girl, or twins. There are also gender neutral baby shower party decorations if you don’t want to know the gender in advance or prefer gender-free themes.

Some of the most popular baby shower decoration ideas for boys include:

An airplane-themed party:

Baby shower ideas

Using trains as decorations:

Baby shower ideas

Moustache-themed decorations to signify the arrival of your little man:

Baby shower ideas

With girls, you can try the following baby shower theme ideas:

The cutest fox as your decorations:

Baby shower ideas

A combination of princess pink and gold:

Baby shower ideas

Florals are always a good choice for a baby shower for a girl:

Baby shower ideas

If you’re a fan of gender-neutral celebrations, here are three party themes you will definitely like:

There is nothing that newborns love more than milk:

Baby shower ideas

Sunshine-themed showers are great for summer babies:

Baby shower ideas

What’s more adorable than these cute teddy bears?

Baby shower ideas

3. Baby shower food ideas

One of the best baby shower tips you will ever get is that you don’t have to spend too much time preparing the food for your guests. However, even though they will be there to celebrate the birth of your baby, you will still need to treat them to some easy but delicious foods.

The foods you serve at your baby shower should be easy to pick up and put into your mouth. Here are 10 most popular savoury and sweet food ideas for your baby shower:

  • Finger sandwiches
  • Meatballs
  • Rolls
  • Chips and dip
  • Sliders
  • Cupcakes
  • Cookies
  • Macarons
  • Mini-tarts
  • Ice cream

Plus, you can never go wrong with the beloved Nigerian finger foods like samosas, chicken wings, spring rolls, puff puff, and grilled meats and vegetables.

The centrepiece of every baby shower table is the baby shower cake. Baby shower cake ideas will largely depend on the theme of your event and your personal preferences.

Many parents-to-be also prefer to not find out the gender of their baby beforehand and want their cake to reveal this information. These five baby shower cakes will be a fantastic addition to any party:

Baby shower cake
Baby shower cake
Baby shower cake
Baby shower cake
Baby shower cake

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