Best Hair Growth Cream In Nigeria: Effective Remedies & Tips

Do you like your natural hair and want to keep it healthy and shiny? Looking for the best hair growth cream in Nigeria, going through dozens of online store pages? Your hair will look gorgeous if you take care of it properly!

We have carefully selected these top 5 super effective & organic products for you. Moreover, you will find several top hair growth tips that will help you achieve amazing results ultimately fast!

Simply love your hair anyway!

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1. Fast hair growth cream in Nigeria: top 5 list

1.1. Green Magic by Liquid Gold Hair Products

Speaking of herbal hair growth Nigeria’s girls can share some really effective remedies.

Green Magic ™ is the most effective hair growth remedy that has ever been on the market. It contains nutrient rich organic oils and butter and looks like a pomade for your amazing results!

It is suitable for any hair type.

Note: Since the product contains plenty of natural oils, it may melt a little if kept in hot temperatures. This, however, doesn’t affect its effectiveness. Simply place it in the fridge for an hour to restore its firmness.

1.2. Mega Tek for hair growth by Eqyss

How to grow natural hair quicker? This remedy has been proven to have a sustainable effect within just a few week’s time and later the reviewers’ hair grew even 1 inch per month or more! The respondents’ hair also became thicker, softer and silkier with this product when used as a conditioner.

They also admit having stronger fingernails just from applying the Mega Tek to the head skin.

1.3. Herbal Hair Oil-UP (Herbal Hair Root-Activator) by Amazing Herbal Remedies

Wanna have the longest natural hair in Nigeria? Then this amazing treatment is for you!

Developed by a team of enthusiastic professionals, this premium quality Herbal Hair Root-Activator contains medicinal herbs that prevent premature hair damage and loss. It has been checked for quality and proven to help fight with male baldness.

1.4. T444Z Hair Food by T444Z company

T444Z company uses a comprehensive approach to enhancing the look of your hair. It is a herbal Nigerian natural hair care made from organic ingredients derived from African forests and the minimum amount of preservatives.

T444Z is effective for making your hair longer and thicker, prevents balding, dandruff, head skin dryness, itchiness, and hair fall.

1.5. HRT organic stimulator shampoo

This fantastic hair booster cream shampoo will help you with all the Hair Problems that you have been trying to handle for ages. It comes in 3 stages:

  • Reviving anti-age shampoo;
  • Head skin enhancer;
  • Hair follicle booster.

If you stick to these three products only you will get fabulous results!

Simply apply the shampoo to the wet hair, enjoy its rich lather and leave for at least 2 minutes.

Dry your hair with a towel and apply the cream that you don’t have to rinse. Spray the follicle stimulator generously. Follow the instructions on the bottle.

2. How to steam hair with egg

Normally such hair steaming ingredients as a conditioner, oil or a protein treatment are used.


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3. Hair growth tips

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