Best Ideas For Kids Bedroom

Children areour tresure and all parents try to find everything the best they can. And when you want to make perfect room for you child, you want to do something like this:

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But exclusive furniture and decor often cost too much – there are many more necessary things to buy. But JiJi has a solution! We gathered best ideas for cosy kids and teenagers rooms! Don’t miss next page!

First rule – room should be safe – ecological furniture (better wooden), minimum sharp and protruding – children like to run and jump. No need to but a lot of furniture – bed, table, chairs and cabinet will be enough. Left more space for playground!

Choose bright and light colors – but not aggressive shades.

Every child grows into a teeager. How to make children room comfrtable for all age? Read next page!

If you want toi make room suitable for young girl/boy – try to make it comfortable for adult. If the room is small – used shelves and drawers for saving space. And don’t forget to change colors! If rainbow design was suitable for little child, young person requires more personalised interior.

If you have two or more kids – choose neutral colors, suitable for all.

But young gentleman and young lady can choose his/her favourite gamma for own room.


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Even when children become older, they always stay your little royals. But tastes become more mature. And there is no place for porky pink and ninja turtles on the walls.

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