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E-Money House And Cars: Golden Facts You Are Dying To Know

E-Money house and cars are something a lot of people search on the Internet very often. Some people do it just to admire while others look at his pics in order to motivate themselves to work harder and become successful.

One thing is certain: E-money is crazily rich and he spends his money right and left. He controls and participates in a lot of various businesses both in Nigeria and overseas. He works with real estate and he’s into show business. Moreover, he invests in oil and gas industries.

Let’s take a closer look at E Money mansion that resembles a palace, and his various luxury cars.

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1. How much is E Money worth?

E-Money is sometimes called Arabic money because of his infinite wealth. He is the CEO of Emmy Cargoes Limited and Five Star Music (it produces Skibi, Harry Song, and KCee), an important stakeholder in gas industries, oil production, and transportation in Nigeria.

Only Five Star Music Group is estimated at about 500 million of Naira while E-Money has about 1.5 billion of Naira altogether. No wonder he spends it so easily.

E-Money says he has not always been rich. On the contrary, he used to be so poor that he could hardly pay his bills. His wedding ceremony was very simple and unpretentious. However, everything changed when he signed a $2 million contract.

2. E Money house in Lekki

E Money new house is considered to be one of the most luxurious buildings in Nigeria. The house is worth about 250 million of Naira and it is situated in Lekki, Lagos where a lot of other Nigerian celebs reside. The house is decorated in white and gold and it’s designed with Middle East motifs.

E Money house has a lot of luxury objects in it, like golden chairs and tables, gigantic beds and costly household electronics, etc. There’s a private gym and a pool inside. He’s proud of his family and often posts pictures of his house, wife, and kids in his social media accounts.

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3. E Money cars collection

It’s obvious that E-money enjoys buying luxury cars. E Money latest car is unbelievable!

He recently appeared in the public with E Money new Lexus LX 570 2017 worth around $90 000. He also has other wildly pricey cars, like Prado Jeeps, Jaguars, Range Rovers Sport and others.

He also gave his brother Kcee a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon that cost him twenty million Naira!

All of E-money’s cars are estimated at about one million dollars.

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