Green Coffee Benefits You Will Be Surprised To Learn About

Coffee is a worldwide-famous drink, which helps us to wake up and stay sprightly when we need it. Furthermore, according to scientific research, regular use of coffee can prolong your life and save you from heart diseases and even some types of cancer.

Green coffee beans are just unroasted coffee beans. They have most of the same properties the processed beans have, but, according to some studies, there are even more health benefits from them.

It contains large amounts of chlorogenic acid, which is said to give green coffee bean weight loss properties. If you want to know more about green coffee benefits and where to buy coffee beans in Nigeria than this article is just for you.

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1. Weight loss benefits

One of the green coffee beans benefits that have made the product famous is its weight loss properties. There are many sides to this effect, which include:

1.1. Metabolism boost

Acceleration of the metabolism rates means faster energy processing by your organism, which requires from it additional amounts of energy. This additional energy usually comes from the excessive fat, which makes fat to literally melt. Chlorogenic acid, mentioned earlier, is known to accelerate metabolism, which makes it a great substance for weight loss.

1.2. Appetite suppression

Another way green coffee benefits weight loss is that it makes you eat less. If you eat them in small quantities as a snack, you will save yourself from overeating and from gaining more fat and excess weight.

2. Full of antioxidants

Unlike the roasted beans, green coffee beans are full of antioxidants. This means that they are really helpful in defending your body from dangerous free radicals that are all around us, stimulating your immune system and even affecting your appearance by slowing the signs of aging.

This is a part of the green coffee review where we should mention green coffee vs green tea comparison. Green tea is known for being full of antioxidants, so which one is actually better? Actually, there is no evidence that one is better than other, it all depends on differences of each person’s body.

3. Energy boost

Just like the roasted coffee beans, green coffee will definitely wake you up and give you an energy surge. There are also substances that will make your blood pumping, which, in the long run, may improve your blood vessels.

4. Side effects

Green coffee side effects are basically non-existent if you’ll take it responsibly. If you’ll take too much of it (more than 200 mg five times per day) it can cause nausea, irregular heartbeat, insomnia and other side effects. So, be careful while consuming green coffee in Nigeria and consult your physician before doing so.

5. Availability and price

There is a number of different ways how to get green coffee in Nigeria. One of the simplest, though, is to find it online. Depending on where you live and where you’re buying the product, the green coffee price in Nigeria varies up to ₦3,500 per pound. But you can definitely find a better green coffee price, or just try to grow it on your own.

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