Health Benefits Of Pumpkin Leaves

Pumpkin is a vegetable we all are familiar with. However, many Nigerians only know about the uses and health benefits of the pumpkin itself. But what about another valuable part of the pumpkin plant – the leaf, also known as ugwu leaf?

Benefits of pumpkin leaves have been known for centuries, and Nigerians developed dozens of ways to use them for treating various conditions and overall feeling better. Find out how you can benefit from ugu leaves too!

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1. Health benefits of pumpkin leaves

You may be surprised to learn that the humble pumpkin leaf can be your solution for fighting all kinds of diseases. The most common conditions that can be treated with the help of pumpkin leaves include:

  • Lowering the cholesterol level and preventing many cardiovascular diseases that stem from high cholesterol level.
  • Thanks to its hypoglycemic effect, pumpkin leaf can effectively reduce the sugar level, which is especially vital to people suffering from diabetes.
  • Anemia, which is a blood disease linked to the low iron level, can be treated with the help of an extract from pumpkin leaves, which are famously rich in iron.
  • Pumpkin leaf juice improves the state of your liver and helps it filter out the toxins from the blood more efficiently.
  • Ugwu leaf and milk is a popular way to boost the immune system, especially if you often catch colds and viruses.
  • Antibacterial properties are another reason why pumpkin leaves are such a valuable part of the Nigerian medicine culture.
  • High protein content makes pumpkin leaves an indispensable source of protein, especially when there is limited access to other protein-rich foods.

Health benefits of pumpkin leaves

2. Health benefit of pumpkin leaf for fertility

Infertility is sadly a problem that many Nigerian couples have to face while trying to conceive. Infertility can have different causes and affects both women and men. Luckily, men can benefit from one of the most popular pumpkins leaves medicinal uses – fighting infertility by promoting spermatogenesis and reducing the negative effects of testicular damage.

Women who have recently given birth and are currently experiencing lactation issues can also add pumpkin leaves to their diet to boost the production of breast milk and ensure better feeding for their baby.

pumpkin leaves medicinal uses

3. Benefits of pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin is one of the amazing vegetables where nothing goes to waste: we use pumpkin in our cooking, treat different conditions with pumpkin leaves, and find new uses for pumpkin seeds, which have a number of proven health benefits.

Pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamins and nutrients while also containing a lot of protein and good fat, which makes them an ideal snack between meals. There is research evidence that says pumpkin seeds can prevent the most common types of cancers. Moreover, regularly eating pumpkin seeds helps your heart as well.

The biggest pumpkin seeds benefits for men include better bladder and prostate health. Plus, both men and women who suffer from overactive bladders will also benefit from pumpkin seeds, which greatly improve the urinary function.

pumpkin seeds benefits for men

4. Pumpkin leaves recipe

Now that you know how good pumpkin leaves are for your health, you’re probably wondering how to include it in your diet. The easiest pumpkin leaf recipe is extracting the juice from the leaves manually or with the help of a juicer and take the juice daily on its own or mixing with other ingredients.

If you want to prepare a pumpkin leaf treat for the whole family and add variety to your menu, your two best options are pumpkin leaf soup and pumpkin leaf stew, which can be served separately or over a garnish of your choice.

 pumpkin leaf recipe

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