How To Choose A House/Flat?

It is written a lot about what you should pay attention to when buying a house or an apartment. And yet, there are some subtleties in each subject, and even reasonable buyers make unreasonable mistakes guided by emotions.

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In this post we will cover some important issues, which, hopefully, will be helpful to you.

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Determine your budget

Before you start planning, try determine your budget. If you plan to buy a 3-bedroom apartment, perhaps you will change your decision towards a mansion of smaller size, but with a garage, private garden and more ecologically clean place.

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Location, area of apartment and class of the house depend on financial issue.

By the way, the price is the advantage of the primary market, after all, cost per square meter in it is usually significantly lower than resale apartments.


When it comes to the economy-class housing, the price plays a decisive role. However, don`t lose your head from advertisements on huge discounts.


Choose a place

Most often, choosing the location of the new housing, people are making a choice in favor of the part of the city, where they live, or focus on close areas.

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But if buyers are willing to move to unfamiliar district, the main criterion for choice is an infrastructure component and transport accessibility. In addition, buyers often look at the lack of nearby harmful enterprises and noisy highways.

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It is worth to ask “deeper” questions – geography of the area and the results of geodetic research so that future home wasn`t standing on the edge of the cliff, in places of landslides, or its reputation has not been “sullied” by ground waters.

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Construction materials of the house

The main material of the walls and the technology of its construction are worth paying attention.



  • In multi-floor homes of economy class they often use reinforced concrete panels. The main disadvantage of such constructions – heating and chilling of iron constructions in winter. Naturally, this may require additional costs for warming or cooling of the space. Another significant disadvantage of a panel house is the presence of internal load-bearing walls, and this means that you can forget about the redevelopment or repair with moving the walls. On the other hand, most such houses are rented out with complete repair -wallpaper, paint, laminate flooring, plumbing.

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  • Monolith-frame technology is typical for buildings of a higher class. This technology lets you develop and implement your own layout of the housing, sometimes even at the stage of construction.

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  • Masonry is the most environmentally friendly material, but it is quite rare nowadays: this technology not only expensive, but also doesn`t allow to erect very high buildings.

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Choose a floor

Most popular economy class apartments are small (up to 60 squares) 1-bedroom apartments and 2-bedroom apartments, in business class 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments of 80-120 sq.m. are more popular. The most popular in both cases are 4-12 floors – not too low so that the yard life didn`t hinder, but not too high, so that in case of the lift breakage you could get to the apartment on foot.

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However, there are people who prefer “high” floors because of the beautiful views from the windows. You need to be careful here:

  • firstly, beautiful view is the extra money;
  • secondly, choose western or eastern side, so that the apartment wasn’t all day in the sunny or shadow side, as this will entail additional costs for cooling or heating;
  • thirdly, the reliability of the elevator: when any breakage or power outage residents of the upper floors will have a hard time.

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Quality of future apartment

Before purchasing, you can review dozens of apartments. Remember: all your requirements to the apartment (or its current state) to sound insulation, the thickness of walls, water, condition of beams should be spelled out in the contract!

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Only in a case when the apartment has some “surprises”, or its condition (concerning those nuances that are not visible at first) doesn`t match the description, you can take legal action over a seller and win the case.

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Buy and sell real estate on Jiji – the largest marketplace in Nigeria attended by 4,6 millions of buyers and sellers monthly!

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