Little Bride Hairstyles In Nigeria

Although the traditional Nigerian wedding is all about the bride, the flower girl is often the second most important person at the ceremony.

Brides pay great attention to the wedding look of their little brides, and the flower girl wedding hairstyles are an essential part of their appearance. Take a look at some of the cutest flower girl hairstyles for weddings!

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1. Flower girl hairstyles for short hair

Short hair has never stopped Nigerian little brides from looking absolutely adorable at the weddings. In fact, most easy flower girl hairstyles are based on short natural hair. You can let your little bride’s curls fly loose or decorate them with flowers, hairbands, hair clips, and other beautiful hair accessories.

If your flower girl hair is not long enough to form a proper top bun, you can achieve an even cuter look by creating several buns – this hairstyle is very appropriate for a baby girl while also being perfect for a wedding.

2. Flower girl hairstyles with tiara

A tiara is a hair accessory that allows you to create little bride hairstyles in just minutes. Even the simplest little girl hairstyles will instantly look more festive and fit for a wedding with an addition of a tiara.

A tiara can be beautifully styled into nearly any little bride hairstyles in Nigeria. Loose natural curls, braids, buns, ponytails and straight hair – there are no hairstyles for girls at weddings that can’t be made better with an addition of a gorgeous tiara.

3. Natural hairstyle for girls

More and more brides lately prefer to go for the natural hair when styling their flower girls. Natural hair not only looks great on little brides, but it’s also one of the easiest wedding hair looks to style. You can leave the children wedding hair absolutely natural and free of any decorations, or you can adorn the little bride’s curls with beads, flowers, and other wedding accessories.

4. Braid hairstyles for girls

If your little bride is already wearing her hair in a protective hairstyle, you can easily create a whole wedding look around her braids! Styling braids for a wedding aren’t difficult at all – you can arrange them into one or several buns, securing the buns with hairpins and adding some cute wedding hair accessories like flowers.

Even if you or your flower girl are not big fans of hair decorations, you can leave the braids alone – braided hairstyles speak for themselves and don’t need any heavy accessorizing to make them stand out and match the occasion of a beautifully styled wedding.

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