How To Make Lapel Pins: Step By Step

A lapel pin is not the most popular accessory for everyday wear, but it becomes truly indispensable when you’re dressing for a special occasion. The most common occasion for wearing lapel pins is, of course, a wedding – especially if you’re the one who is getting married.

There are many beautiful suit lapel pins made by renowned designers, but making your own pins helps you not only save money on the already expensive wedding planning, but also make sure your lapel pin looks exactly how you want it to look. Find out how to make lapel pins at home!

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1. How to make lapel flowers

Flower lapel pins are the most popular way to decorate a men’s suit. There are no restrictions on the color of your flower pin: it can match the color scheme of your wedding, the detailing on the bride’s gown, or depend on your tastes. Once you’ve decided on the color, here is how to make lapel pins.

1. What you’ll need:

  • Fabric
  • Paper circle
  • Felt circle – you can use a cardboard circle instead
  • Pin
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors

2. How to make a pin

1. Fold the fabric 9 times and place the paper circle on top.

How to make lapel flowers

2. Use sharp scissors to cut out the circles using your paper mold.

3. Make the petals for your flower. Fold one fabric circle in half, put a drop of glue in the center and fold in half again. Do the same with the rest of the fabric.

4. Start assembling the pin. Take your felt or cardboard circle and attach the first four petals with a glue gun to the center of the circle. Then attach the other four petals on top.

5. Put a drop of glue in the center and attach the last petal. Use your fingers to fluff up the flower and make it look fuller.

6. Use the glue gun to attach the back of the flower to the pin. Now your lapel pin is ready to be worn with your suit!

2. How to wear lapel pins

Although lapel pins can be frequently seen at weddings, there are actually dozens of occasions where you can rock a dapper lapel pin paired with a sharp suit. Check out the ground rules on how to wear a lapel pin below.

1. A lapel should be worn on the left lapel at all times, preferably in the jacket buttonhole, although you can also use pins to attach the flower even when there isn’t a button hole.

lapel pins

2. The size of your lapel flower should match the size of your suit: a flower that is too big will make you look clownish, while tiny flower on a big body will never be noticeable.

3. The color of the lapel flower pin should correspond with the occasion and your date’s look. Whenever you don’t know which color to pick, go for the neutrals, like off-white and blue-grey.

3. Designer lapel pins

More and more men’s fashion designers get into making pins because more and more men understand the importance of this small yet powerful accessory. A custom lapel pin from a renowned designer will instantly elevate your look and turn you into the most stylish person in the room.

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