Nigerian Diet For Flat Stomach

A flat stomach is considered to be one of the most attractive features in a female body, but if you have a little extra weight or have recently had a baby, achieving a flat tummy becomes quite a challenge, especially if you’re not a big fan of exercise.

Luckily, there is a way to get a flawless stomach fast with no exercise thanks to a Nigerian weight loss diet plan. Find out which Nigerian food for weight loss will help you get closer to your dream body!

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1. Nigerian diet for flat stomach

Even though you can achieve the best weight loss results with the combination of diet and exercise, it is more than possible to lose excess fat and get in a better shape with the help of diet that only includes local Nigerian products and no rare or expensive foods.

Nigerian diet for weight loss is mainly based on fruits and vegetables, but it doesn’t mean that you’re going to be eating raw veggies all the time – there are plenty of protein foods and even healthy sweets, so sticking to low-calorie Nigerian foods won’t be a chore at all.

Nigerian diet for flat stomach

2. Products that help weight loss

While you can create a custom diet timetable for weight loss and follow it for every meal of the day, you can also simply find out which Nigerian foods help weight loss and include more of those foods into your everyday menu. Here are those foods:

  • Apples: despite being sweet, apples are very good for weight loss thanks to a high fiber content that makes you feel full. Apples are an ideal snack that you can take anywhere with you without worrying that it will go bad.
  • Cucumbers: these delicious green veggies are a component of many Nigerian diet recipes because it can be easily included in hundreds of dishes. Cucumber is also a great standalone product: it also helps you feel full quickly without overeating.
  • Brown rice: if you’re wondering how to lose weight in Nigeria without any drastic measures, add a serving of brown rice to your everyday foods like stews. Brown rice is one of the healthiest carbohydrates you can consume, and it also promotes better digestion.
  • Fish: any effective weight loss diet cannot be imagined without large amounts of protein, and fish is by far the healthiest choice. Fish is very rich in omega fatty acids that do wonders for your health and beauty.
  • Soups: Nigerian soups that help weight loss must include plenty of vegetables and protein, and little amounts of fat and unhealthy carbs. Soups work great for weight loss because they are filling and not as rich in calories as many Nigerian cuisine staples.
  • Seasoning: while you’re on a diet, it’s best to limit your salt intake since it can prevent you from losing weight quickly. However, no one says that your food should taste bland. Pepper, other spices, as well as ginger and garlic for weight loss are a perfect way to season your food and lose weight in the process.
  • Avocados: despite the common myth that dieting means consuming as little fat as possible, the truth is that there are good fats and bad fats. Like fish, avocado is filled with good fat, which is why adding avocado to your diet is great for making it even healthier.

diet time table for weight loss

3. Nigerian food timetable for weight gain

In case you have a different problem and want to put on a little weight instead of losing it and get beautiful curves, you can also use traditional Nigerian products and create a special diet. The general rules for weight gain are consumption of high-calorie foods, the right combination of carbs, protein and fats, and a set number of meals for every day.

The best calorie-high foods include fatty fish, meat, beans, nuts, low carbohydrate products, regular dairy, and cheese, as well as bananas and other sweet fruits.

4. What else you should know

If you have no dieting experience, you may feel lost with all the different rules and tips. In this case, you will find that a food time table is an ideal tool for making the diet easier and more effective. Use a special app or even a piece of paper to create a meal plan for the week, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Don’t forget the calorie count, as it’s an essential parameter of any diet.

Another thing to remember is that it’s crucial to drink enough water. Consume at least 1.5 liters of fresh water every day, not including tea, coffee, juice, or soft drinks, and you’ll notice a difference in how you feel and look even sooner than you hoped!

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