Oleku Styles: From Magic 70’s – To Pushy 2000’s!

The Oleku styles are making their second comeback! They first became popular in the 70s and then in the 90s. Now a lot of fashionistas are rocking this style again. The style consisting of a shirt and a wrapper has been revamped and can be worn in a variety of different ways.

If you want to be informed about the latest trends & different styles of Oleku – simply read this post and transform the way you look and live!

Oleku styles

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1. Oleku styles: what it’s all about?

The increasing number of designers is turning to Oleku styles with Ankara in their latest collections. This is really one of the trendiest moves in fashion today. The trend is characterized by vibrant easy-going colors that boost your mood anytime you wear this style.

Oleku style, though simple and straightforward, will not suit any lady. Pick this style only if you are a bold fashionista who wants to look fabulous or if you want to make some changes to the way you normally look.

These eye-catching vivid outfits with Ankara will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. You will be extraordinary but refined at the same time wearing this style. It’s possible to combine the Ankara with other various fabrics in Oleku styles: modern fashionistas simply adore bright Oleku styles with lace, cotton, chiffon, velvet and other materials.

Do you want to look vibrant and playful at the same time? Mix and match various colors and patterns!

Oleku styles with lace

Oleku Ankara Outfit Featuring Your Waist by Iyanya

recorded on the 14th songs ife wa gbono by tiwa savage song i was singing lemanya by specimen a song danced to your waist by iyanya antenna by fuse odg

2. Oleku styles with chiffon (and lace)

Every girl of fashion is certain to love the combination of lace and chiffon in Oleku Iro and Buba styles. Chiffon fabric is used for making the Buba while the silk and lace are the materials for the Iro wrapper.

Oleku styles with chiffon

3. Oleku styles with velvet

Velvet is crazily popular as a style worn to weddings and other important events in Nigeria. It looks its best when combined with lace detail of a brighter shade. The brighter the colors, the trendier you look.

You could also try tying the long velvet wrapper for an outrageously fashionable Oleku look!

4. Oleku fashion short Iro and Buba

Iro and Buba are the styles that are popular among middle-aged women in South West Nigeria (the early fifties to eighties). These styles are gradually transformed into fashionable Oleku.

Iro and Buba have recently been revamped and altered to become trendier and be suitable for the younger girls who enjoy wearing ‘four corners’, high neck, scallop-neck, v-neck, and cowl neck that have come to replace the boring round neck. Sleeves can also be shorter while the blouses are more fitted and playful.

There are other new twists to the style besides short sleeves and short wrappers – Nigerian fashion designers are also experimenting with prints and colors mixing. For instance, they blend an ordinary or French lace Buba with an Ankara wrapper; Adire Buba with damask or Aso-Oke wrapper to create really stunning trendy outfits.


WATCH IN HD… Whats up gals!! To tell you a little bit about this trend that has really taken off especially in the Nigerian community, it was adapted from the original Iro & Buba, a traditional wrap skirt and blouse worn as part of Nigeria’s traditional attire.

5. Different styles of Oleku

100 Latest Iro and Buba Styles: Oleku,Tulip & Classical Styles (Nigerian/ African Fashion for Women)

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