The 10 Best Bridal Shower Ideas

Oh My God! He proposed to your best friend and she has chosen you to be her bridesmaid? And of course you are the one to organize a bridal shower. And as it is going to be her last party before she becomes “a wife”, it must be something special.

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Idea #1 – Limo quiz shower

1The first thing you should do is to look at the map of your city and pick up the best places of interest. Then you should order a limousine and tell the driver about the route you will be following. Then write down a quiz so the bride can solve riddles and afterwards can get to those places of interest where she will find different small surprises like chocolates, ice cream, flowers, greeting cards and so on. Don’t forget to take some bottles of wine with you, so you have what to do while driving from one place to another.

Idea #2 – Nightclub shower

2It’s not a surprise that all young beautiful girls like dancing. And I bet your friend is also found of clubbing. Let her dance and drink sweet cocktails all night long before she turns out to be an obedient wife. Let her feel herself free from any obligations for the last time.

Idea #3 – Swimming pool shower

3There are many establishments with the swimming pools inside. They are provided with DJ services that are able to create a festive atmosphere for the entire day. Get dressed in swimming suits and go partying and having fun.

Idea #4 – Spa shower

4I haven’t met a girl who dislikes going to Spa. And your best friend is not an exception either. Massages, manicures, and some facials are both a perfect choice to present her some relax and some skin beauty care before the wedding ceremony.

Idea #5 – Pajamas party shower

5Organize a home pajamas party. Find some of her favorite movies, get some wine, sweets, and fruits, and enjoy the evening of watching comedies, drinking, and recalling the stories from the past. Just make sure the atmosphere you create is as cozy and homey as it’s possible with the soft pillows and blankets all around.

Idea #6 – Cooking shower

6If your best friend is a cooking admirer, the bridal shower spent in the kitchen will definitely make her happy. Get as many different ingredients as you can and cook with her some cakes, muffins, biscuits – anything. Just spend this evening together cooking, eating, talking, listening to music, and why not? – dancing on the kitchen floor. All you will have is fun!

Idea #7 – Roller coasters shower

7Organize a day full of impressions and positive emotions at the roller coasters park. Lots of laughing, screaming, and a huge amount of adrenaline are waiting for your best friend on this day. Be sure of that if you choose this idea as a bridal shower.

Idea #8 – Extreme shower

8Another way to make your best friend feel full of adrenaline and remember her bridal shower forever, take a bicycle and go riding it for the entire day. Or go bungee jumping, or jump with a parachute. The variety of choices is endless. Just make sure she remembers this day for many years to come.

Idea #9 – Photo-session shower

9All of the girls like have their photos taken. And maybe your friend once dreamt about a photo-session in a fairy-tale style, or maybe she wanted to try herself in the role of a witch, killer, or a Spiderwoman. On this day, she can imagine herself anyone she wants and you can capture those moments using the photo session services.

Idea #10 – Shopping shower

10One of the most interesting places to go to for any girl is a shopping mall. And one of the best ways to spend one’s time is shopping. Clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, cosmetics – what else if not a day spent with your best friend doing shopping as a still-free-unmarried-girl can become an ideal farewell day before entering a life of a married woman?

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