Traditional Wedding Engagement Fashion Styles For Couples

There is a great variety of engagement dress styles and types that are available in Nigeria today. It’s always up to you whether to choose the traditional dress for engagement or some modern dress styles available on the market.  

Well. Africans just love traditional weddings, and when it comes to choosing bride’s gown for engagement or the engagement dress for man, there’s a big choice of modern colorful style options!

Let’s take a look at the most interesting traditional dress alternatives for brides, various groom dress for engagement variants and check out the latest engagement dress for couple options!

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engagement dress for bride and groom

1. Engagement dresses for bride

1.1. African Kente dresses for engagement

If you’re buying an attire in Ghana, you should check out the traditional engagement dresses. Pay special attention to sleeveless Kente dresses and gowns with the combination of red and yellow – they look just great!

engagement dresses for bride

1.2. Off-shoulder Kente engagement dress for women

The dress design can be considered somewhat common, but it is a perfect choice for those, who want to look tender and feminine on their special day!

dresses for engagement

1.3. Sleeveless Kente dresses

The latest collections of famous designers demonstrate that the sleeveless dress in always in trend. This dress beautifully bares your shoulders and hands.

Designers put the emphasis on the deep neckline, asymmetrical hems, decoration.

engagement dress for women

1.4. Kente lace dress with elongated bottom

This is another amazing example of a beautiful Ghanaian dress for engagement.

This is a perfect choice if you like the long gowns with lace then this outfit is perfect for you. Try to choose simplistic and minimalist dress – they are extremely popular today.

engagement dresses for bride

Check out theselatest engagement dresses for bride:

Aren’t These African Brides Beautiful In Their Traditional Dresses?

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2. Engagement dress for men

Usually, the attire of groom is created to perfectly match the bride’s attire.

Grooms are often dressed in the loose pants called Sokoto, a shirt called Buba and Agbada that is an outfit worn for some other special occasions except weddings.

Agbada has an exquisite embroidery on the chest. The groom’s attire is completed with Fila, a hat, and there are many various types of them. Fila and Agbada are created of the same material as their bride’s Gele, but it is not crucial.

Grooms, just like the brides, also wear jewelry – quite long and elaborate necklaces made out of beads. Also, grooms can wear some additional accessories a horse’s tail (Irukere), a traditional royal item.

engagement dress for man
groom dress for engagement
groom dress for engagement

2.1. Engagement suits

Grooms image at the wedding should be elegant and sophisticated. The suit is a perfect option for the groom dress for engagement, but it is very important to choose the right suit that would perfectly fit your figure!

Tuxedo. For a tuxedo, an extended single-breasted or double-breasted jacket with satin or ribbed silk lapels is the most popular option. The shirt is worn with a stand-up collar. Trousers with straight-cut stripes are worn either with suspenders that are hidden behind a vest or with a belt.

engagement suits

The classic wedding suit. This suit includes a jacket and trousers of various colors and styles. If compared to a tuxedo, it is more practical because it is OK to wear it at work, at business meetings and official events.

groom engagement dress

The frock coat suit. Business card suit supposes wearing a jacket with rounded tails at the back, fastened with one button in front. It looks very solemn and well suited for a themed wedding ceremony.

engagement dresses for male

Tailcoat is another type of suit for special occasions. The jacket is shortened in the front and elongated at the back. The fitted pants are quite narrow. It is worn with a white shirt, white vest and white bow tie.

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engagement dress for men

Check out these trendy engagement dresses for male:

groom dress for engagement
groom dress for engagement
groom dress for engagement
groom dress for engagement
groom dress for engagement

Party engagement dresses for men:

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3. Engagement dress for bride and groom

Check out these bride and groom engagement dress styles!

New Era Igbo,Yoruba,Niger Delta Traditional marriage attires.Bride & groom


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