Unique Secrets Of Caring For Curly Hair

Those who have curls dream about straight hair, because it is easier to be taken care after.

This is wrong.

Proper care and styling secrets will help you turn your weaken hair into lush curls!


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Shampoo and conditioner

It is best to buy a shampoo for curly hair (there are also shampoos for dry, oily, normal curls). Such products usually contain plenty of oils (Jojoba, Almond, Shea butter, Lotus), which strengthen and moisturize the hair shaft, restore the natural nourishing of skin.

And special herbal extracts regulate the activity of sebaceous glands, reducing the increased oiliness of the dermis.

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We also recommend that you periodically use oils, serums, and emulsions with keratin additives.

You`d better avoid the shampoos, conditioner, and other products that add volume – the hair becomes weaken.

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Your beauty-helpers:

  • Shampoo-milk for the beauty of the curls Acanthe.
  • BC Curl Bounce Spray-Conditioner by Schwarzkopf Professional.
  • Baume Vegetal Lissant Secret Professionnel by Phyto hair mask.
  • Shampoo and conditioner for curly hair Curl Definer Londa Professional.
  • Defining shampoo and moisturizing conditioner for curly hair TIGI Catwalk Curlesque.
  • Shampoo for hair with Camellia and red grapes Yves Rocher.

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Hair masks

Try masks for strengthening or deep nourishing, products for dyed hair (soften, moisturize, and make it elastic). These products contain keratin, oils, herbal extracts, which provide protection along its entire length.

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Your beauty-helpers:

  • Strengthening hair mask Frizz-Ease John Frieda.
  • Nourishing mask Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light.
  • Mask with Camellia and red grape by Yves Rocher.
  • Nourishing and firming mask “Blueberries and safflower oil for colored hair” Le Petit Marseillais.
  • Regenerating hair mask by Oriflame.

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Wavy hair suffers from chemical dying, especially if the product contains ammonia. This substance can make your curls dry and hard. It is best to apply the natural components (henna, for example).

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If you want to radically change your look, try to visit a salon master. Choose dying with organic products, they have no ammonia, so this procedure is the least traumatic for curly hair.

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Styling for curly hair

Curly hair is particularly at risk when it comes to straightening, heat, and chemicals. Careless combing, hot drying, and styling can cause serious damage.

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To avoid unpleasant consequences, first of all, it is necessary to use special styling products, including thermal protection.

Stick to the following rules when styling your hair:

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Choose the right hair-brushes – with rare teeth — preferably from good plastic with a smoothly polished surface.

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Your beauty-helpers:

  • Hair-cream for curly and wavy hair, Curl Defining Cream Moroccanoil.
  • Thermo sprays Syoss Heat Protect.
  • Spray-foam to increase the number of curls Curl Power Curl Enhancer Sexy Hair.
  • Thermo sprays Syoss Heat Protect.
  • Flawless Macadamia hair mousse.

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